There has been a significant rise in the number of men who wish to base their entire grooming regime around one particular range in recent years. In a market where the range of products available to men is becoming extremely diverse, more and more men are focusing on dropping from one specific brand, in order to keep things a lot more simple in the bathroom. On top of this growing brand loyalty, a lot of manufacturers tend to stick to the same ingredient lists, meaning when you finally find a product that is working well, the chances of that entire range working nicely for your skin naturally become a lot higher.

One manufacturer who have enjoyed a lot of success since their formation in the early 2000’s are Jack Black. Original and Authentic, Jack Black succeed in taking all the nonsense and fuss out of grooming, by setting a clear routine for men to follow, with a handful of their core products. In today’s blog, we’ll be picking five staple products from the Jack Black Grooming range, in order to help you guys out there bring things back to basics, as you search for a complexion changing routine.

To start off, Jack Black's Energizing Face Buff is a deep pore excavating scrub that rids your entire complexion of blemish causing dead skin cells, grime and excess oils. This ultra-powerful exfoliator can be used once a day, or every other day for the very best results, with its clearing power fundamental to the success of your complexion and the confidence that gives. Jack Black’s Face Buff should be your first step of five, as you look to not only remove facial blemishes, but keep them away for good.

Secondly, it’s time to go pro with Jack Black's Double Duty Face Moisturizer, applied morning and night, this deeply hydrating face cream sinks in quickly to remove any signs of stress and fatigue on your face, as well as leaving a smooth and supple finish behind all day long. Perfect for improving the outer surface of your skin and its tone also, Double Duty acts as a protecting barrier against environmental debris too, leaving your face correctly moisturized and protected.

Next, it’s the turn of Jack Black's Protein Boost Eye Rescue to quite literally come to the rescue. A powerful Eye Gel that guards against the appearance of dark circles, bags, crow’s feet and just general tiredness, Jack Black have struck gold in successfully combining some very potent age reversing and skin invigorating ingredients into one super charged formula. Jack Black’s Eye Rescue is extremely lightweight and can simply be dabbed on around the eyes, to give the immediate appearance of revitalization. Whether you’re stuck on the grueling morning commute, or you’ve had one too many down your local, this specialist product will quickly bring you back in the game.

One of the world’s best age-reversing products, which has one countless reputable awards from the likes of GQ and Men’s Health, Jack Black introduce their Protein Booster Skin Serum, a heavy impact formula that quite literally crushes seven key signs of ageing. By enriching your skin with collagen and protein, this powerful formula boosts skin cell turnover across your entire face, resulting in a significantly younger looking complexion, usually between 2 to 6 weeks, depending on previous damage. As skin serums go, this one reins top of the tree, leaving other, sometimes more expensive alternatives, out in the cold. A significant product that improves the elasticity of your skin and prevents sagging and fatigue, Jack Black tick all the boxes with this blockbuster.

Finally, finish things off just nicely with one of their luxury lip balms. Whether you opt for their cooling mint texture, something a little more enriching like Shea Butter, or something different in the form of their Black Tea Lip Balm, you should never underestimate the comfort and appearance that having healthy lips provide and Jack Black certainly don’t let you forget it.

Five products that will completely transform your grooming game, choose Jack Black in 2016 and crank things up a notch in your search of the perfect daily grooming regime.