It’s frightening to think that autumn is just around the corner. Where on earth has the summer gone? Here to help you ensure your skin doesn’t suffer from a post-summer hangover are male skin care specialists Dermalogica. We’ve hand-picked five of their top facial cleansers in this week’s blog, guaranteed to help you get your skin back on the right path and be fully prepared for the challenges of colder and harsher weather.

Ultracalming Cleanser – [250ml, 500ml]

For those who suffer with reactive skin, this Ultracalming Cleanser will provide you with a cleanse that won’t upset your skin. You’ll find the solution gently cleanses the skin with ease. It works brilliantly with its patented formula to fortify your skins natural protective barrier. The solution comes in a gel/cream format and its constructed to be pH-balancing to your skin’s natural levels. It works to cool and calm sensitive and overreactive skin. The vegan formula is gluten-free and created without the use of parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. So, it is delicately skin and safe to skin. It easily rinses off with water or a sponge cloth to leave you skin clear, clean and refreshed.

Clearing Skin Wash – [250ml, 500ml]

A super blend of active ingredients creates this brilliant foaming cleanser from Dermalogica. It is advised however that due to the nature of active ingredients you should watch how your skin reacts to the solution. Should your skin experience dehydration, or any sensitivity from daily use, limit the product to 2-3 times per week. The formula itself is a genius blend of botanical extracts and science. It works at clearing oils and bacteria from the skin. For those with acne-prone/breakout-prone skin, this formula will cleanse and leave your skin clear and prepped. It contains naturally antiseptic Tea-Tree, Balm Mint & Eucalyptus to act as an astringent and bacteria eradicating agent. The salicylic Acid is used for its sloughing abilities to impurities and any build up of dead skin cells. You’ll also find in this vegan and gluten-free formula the use of Menthol and Camphor extracts. These provide a cooling and refreshing effect to inflammation on the skin. Clearing Skin Wash tackles excess oils and congestion in the skin. It extracts the grime and bacteria and helps towards future breakouts occurring. An amazing choice for those suffering with persistent breakouts.

Skin Resurfacing Cleanser – [30ml, 150ml]

Dermalogica’s paraben-free, colourant and fragrance-free Skin Resurfacing Cleanser will dramatically improve your skins texture. It works as a dual-action cleanser and exfoliator with a patented formula that will leave you feeling cleaner and smoother on the skin. You’ll find the formula enriched with Rose Flower Oil will leave you feeling refreshed, whilst botanical extracts of Lemon, Clove and Sunflower provide powerful antioxidants for your skin’s health. The hydrating solution boosts and accelerates cell turnover, which leaves room for newer skin to form underneath. Your skin will appear brighter and more radiant over daily use, whilst the surface texture is evened out. For those suffering with signs for aging on the skin, Skin Resurfacing Cleanser will slough away the debris to leave you with ultra-clean, smooth skin.

Precleanse – [30ml, 150ml]

Dermalogica’s Precleanse works as a deep-cleansing oil. Able to work both on its own or transformed further with water, to create a lather that effortlessly wipes away accumulation on the skin. Things such as pollutants, excess oils, bacteria, residual products, waterproof makeup and grime will melt off the face as the oil gently strips it away with ease. You’ll find in the special vegan-based solution, Apricot, Kukui and Borage Seed Oils create a nourishing and cleansing active that transforms your skin. This hydrophilic formula also contains Vitamin E and Rice Bran Oils to leave your skin conditioned and softer. You’ll find no artificial colours, fragrances and parabens inside this magical pre-cleanser. The perfect option to prep your face before you cleanse further on with your skincare routine. This fantastic product works well too with those who suffer with oily skin conditions.

Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash – [177ml]

Clear Start technology by Dermalogica is the smart way to cleanse your skin. Containing active Salicylic Acid that works its way deep into your pores and skin to slough away dead skin cells and dissolve the build up of excess sebum residing. It further works into your skin once stripping the layers and congestion above to help prevent further breakouts from resurfacing/occurring. The vegan formula is infused with potent extracts of botanical composition. You’ll find the likes of Lavender, Camellia Sinensis and Tea-Tree oil, work their properties into the skin to provide calming and soothing benefits. There is a total of 8 botanical ingredients in this patented formula. Orange Peel is used to revive, refresh and energise your skin. This deep cleaning foaming wash clears, protects and bolsters your skins resilience. It works hard to cleanse the skin, but its suitably gentle for daily use, both morning and evening. Your skin is left cleansed, clear and healthier.