If you haven’t got the time to spend scouring the internet to find the right products for your specific skin type, a men's skin care kit is an excellent option. Aside from all the hard work already being done for you, you can more often than not save a pretty penny too. In this week’s men’s skin care blog, we’ve picked out five of the best skin care kits for men for each of the main skin types and called upon skin care experts Dermalogica, who have the most comprehensive range on the market. Check out our picks of the bunch below and easily match each kit to your skin’s needs.

Dry Skin Kit

Dermalogica’s Dry Skin Kit is a nourishing, replenishing and regenerating regime. Optimising hydration in the skin far greater with its patented formulae in each powerful product. You find this 5-step regime will dramatically improve and enhance your skin and works for those who suffer with dry/extremely dry skin. This rebalancing set includes the incredible:

Essential Cleansing Solution (50ml)

Gentle Cream Exfoliant (10ml)

Multi-Active Toner (5ml)

Intensive Moisture Balance (22ml)

Intensive Eye Repair (3ml)

This wonderful series are all made gluten-free and vegan too. Dermalogica ensure their products are safe and kind to the skin and work with your skin. So, these are all free from nasty parabens, artificial fragrances and colours. You’ll find this gentle cleansing solution is nourishing to the skin and being cream-based leaves a nice suppleness to the skin. The exfoliating masque treatment carefully evens out skin tone, whilst the hydrating toner enforce a mass of skin quenching moisture to the skin. The 2-part moisturising face and eye combo tackles the veil of protection to your face, for enhanced water retention. Your skin is deeply hydrated, and this minimises fine lines that will easily appear through dehydrated skin. Your skin is lifted to reveal a fresher and more hydrated surface. A bouncier complexion that looks and feels healthier.

Normal/Dry Skin Kit

Dermalogica’s patented 5 step kit for increased hydration and rebalancing to the skin, restoring it to its optimal and prime state. This complete product regime is easy to use. Working to help relieve dryness to the skin, whilst rebalancing uneven moisture levels deep in the skin too. You’ll find this set includes the amazing.

Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)

Gentle Cream Exfoliant (10ml)

Multi-Active Toner (50ml)

Skin Smoothing Cream (22ml)

Intensive Eye Repair (3ml)

Dermalogica’s Normal/Dry Skin Kit is made vegan and gluten-free. It also doesn’t contain artificial colours, fragrances and parabens, which often irritate and skin further. The foaming gel starts by removing impurities and grime from the skin and the masque treatment tackles further exfoliation to resurface the base of your skin for an even tone. Quench your skin with the super hydrating and botanically active spritz to refresh and safeguard your skin. The medium-weight moisture locks in hydration for long-lasting protection and the replenishing eye cream enforces the skin around the eyes with the same strength of protection. This set hydrates whilst balancing out your skin. You’ll find fine lines are soothed out across the face and hydration lifts your skin. Antioxidant rich too, this protects your skin against free radical damages and environmental assaults. These of which lead and trigger to premature aging.

Day to Night Autumn Skin Recovery

Dermalogica’s 4-step regime that promotes healthier skin daily. This amazing bundle is perfect for all types of skin and contains the best selection of patented formulae for autumn skin recovery. The weather is generally often cooler around autumn, but solar flare-ups leave spikes in temperature consistencies. This means our skin takes a beating and can upset its natural resilience to the weather. You’ll find this set controls this seasonal abnormality. The set includes.

Precleanse Balm (10ml)

Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)

Active Moist (50m)

Sleep Sound Cocoon (50ml)

With a complimentary Precleanse Balm and Special Cleansing Gel, you’ll find this double cleansing duo will start your routine off perfectly. Use the Active Moist to quench your skins need for hydration and controlled moisture retention. This improves skin texture and combat surface dehydration. Sleep Sound Cocoon works whilst you sleep and provides a deeply nourishing and optimising recovery to the skin. You’ll wake to find your skin more revitalised as motion-activated essential oils promote a deeply restful slumber. This will work great for your skin as your skins optimal time for cell turnover is during the hours you are asleep. This incredible set provides your skin with nourishing protection from dawn till dusk and then through dusk to the next dawn.

Normal/Oily Skin Kit

Dermalogica’s 5-step skin treatment routine to purify your skin to leave it rebalanced and retexturized. Amazing and the perfect option for those with normal to oily skin types. Controlling surface oils and those burrowed in your pores, this incredible selection works with your skin to give you a complexion that tackles shine and looks more even. You’ll find inside.

Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)

Skin Prep Scrub (22ml)

Multi-Active Toner (50ml)

Active Moist (22ml)

Total Eye Care with SPF15 (3ml)

Made gluten-free and vegan, this botanically rich set is also free from nasty parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. It is kind to the skin and uses patented technology to achieve beautiful skin. The gentle foaming gel washes bacteria and grime from the face. It helps to break down oils too without stripping the skin. The skin-polishing exfoliant will tackle surface debris and work to even out your tone, providing a smooth base for you to work on. This encourages newer skin cells to grow and form and will brighten your skin dramatically. The hydrating moisture rich spritz will blanket the skin leaving it prepped for the next stage. Toners work amazing at readying the skin to provide enhanced performance for products later in the regime. The light and oil-free moisturiser will lay across the skin to secure hydration throughout. Included at locking down moisture content is the illuminating eye brightening moisturising sunscreen. Each product works with those specially chosen for this set, to provide you with long-lasting protection. A smart choice for oily T-zones, this provides an all-day mattified and shine-free finish. The formulae on your skin removes pore-clogging oils and debris, whilst leaving your skin suitably quenched with moisture. Control your oil production the smart way with this set by Dermalogica.

Oily Skin Kit

For seriously oily skin types, Dermalogica have selected this incredible set to purify, mattify and treat your skin. This 5-step skin regime will battle, tackle and fight against increased oil production in and on the skin. Containing 5 potent products that all actively work against congestion producing oils, whilst lightly hydrating the skin and providing a mattified finish the skin. The pack contains.

Dermal Clay Cleanser (50ml)

Skin Prep Scrub (22ml)

Multi-Active Toner (50ml)

Oil Control Lotion (22ml)

Total Eye Care with SPF 15 (3ml)

A hand selected selection of products, also free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances and are made gluten-free and vegan too. They are easy to use in the order above to give your skin a fresh and new look on life. Take the oil absorbing and refine cleanser to wash the skin, whilst carefully breaking down surface oils on the skin. Use the ski polishing exfoliant to lift oils further off the skin and deep within the pores. Once your skin is clear and damp, use the hydration and antioxidant spritz to tone your face. This will provide firstly considerable hydration to the skin, but ready your skin for any further products. Once you’ve shrouded your face and neck with this active-ingredient mist, lock in that enriched formula using this oil-absorbing moisturiser. It will protect your skin from natural and environmental aggressors, whilst controlling oil production in the skin. The illuminating eye brightener works with a similar approach to protecting the skin, but also enhances the brightness around your eye area too. Dermalogica’s set actively purifies the skin and leaves it refined. This mattifying set, gives you a shine-free complexion all day long, whilst its active ingredients assist towards negating oil production.