With the festive season right around the corner, you may be starting to think about the presents you’re going to buy for that special guy in your life. Perhaps you’re pre-anticipating those holiday hangovers and looking for some go to grooming products to help you battle the blues? In this week’s men’s skin care blog, we’ve hand-picked five brand new Molton Brown men’s grooming products, which will be available this coming Monday at MaleSkin.

With the brand’s popularity quickly on the rise amongst Britain’s men, there are few better places to look for your next grooming marvel. Our existing collection features body washes, lotions and shaving products, but from next week, we’ll be delivering a few more crackers for this Christmas and beyond.

Molton Brown Water Mint Body Wash

Leaving your bath time routine ahead of the game, Molton Brown's Water Mint Body Wash is a men’s shower gel that guarantees to invigorate, refresh and energize. Built with Croatian Mint and Tangerine, it’s time to refresh your senses and relax your skin with a powerful cleansing action. Enjoy a morning hit of energy, the perfect way to fight those hungover Christmas blues and step out the shower fully ready to go at it again.

Molton Brown Anti-Fatigue Bai Ji Eye Gel

There’s nothing worse than those painful hungover December morning’s, or that Boxing day headache. If you’re feeling a little worse for wear, the chances are your eyes are in the struggle zone. To help you combat dark circles, eye fatigue and general puffiness, Molton Brown's Anti-Fatigue Bai Ji Eye Gel works tirelessly and combatively to energize, rejuvenate and refresh those little peepers. Proving to be the perfect stocking filler, you might just have to slip him this a week or so before Christmas.

Molton Brown Explore Luxury Men’s Bathing Collection

So, you’ve done all your Crimbo shopping and you’ve grabbed yourself a cold beer. Where better place to go for some escapism and unwind time that the bathroom. Don’t forget to grab Molton Brown Explore Luxury Men’s Bathing Collection, which features eight invigoratingly fresh shower gel’s that will keep you bouncing well into the new year. Mix up these fabulously festive shower gel’s well into the new year and enjoy each iconic scent with every bathe. You’ll never bathe in the same way again thanks to Molton Brown and this collection which comes in a handy wash bag.

Molton Brown Kumudu Volumizing Shampoo

Fix up, look sharp, with Molton Brown's Kumudu Volumizing Shampoo this holiday season. This luxurious men’s shampoo is ideal for gentlemen with fine hair and works to thicken and strengthen tired locks, as well as enhance shine and give your grooming game lift off. Enriched with powerful Kumudu, this premium men’s shampoo is built with powerful top notes that create an enriching lather that will instantly relax upon application.

Molton Brown Cabinet Of Scented Luxurious Advent Calendar

It’s safe to say we’ve saved the best until last. New for 2017, Molton Brown's Cabinet Of Scented Luxurious Advent Calendar promises a unique and iconic treat each and every day in the run up to Christmas. With products that include Eau Du Toilettes, Candles, Hair Masks, Body Washes and Body Lotions, it’s safe to say that all your bases will be covered as you prepare yourself for an upgraded you in the new year. This stylish and unique men’s beauty calendar is quite stunning and promises a dash of British brilliance with each and every product that’s cutely tucked behind each door.