Clarins Men launched their collection of men’s grooming products about five years ago with a simple vision in mind, to help men take care of their skin. Clarins designed this special range of products only with men in mind. Featuring men’s shaving products, moisturising creams and anti-ageing formulas, the selection packs one hell of a powerful punch, when it comes to upgrading men’s skin.

With common men’s skin problems on their hit list, including wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and fatigue, the entire range has been aimed at men primarily over thirty, keen to keep up with their good grooming habits. The brand claims that in Clarins Men you can trust and by highlighting the key benefits and features of their top five products below, you’re free to make your own judgements on whether or not these bathroom blockbusters are capable of barging their way into your day to day routine.

Clarins Men Anti Fatigue Eye Serum

Let’s start off with Clarins Men's Anti Fatigue Eye Serum. This lightweight and non-oily serum is extremely refreshing and firming and has been designed as a targeted treatment against the appearance of dark circles and eye bags. For guys always on the go, lacking your recommended eight hours of sleep each night and goodness knows how many liters of water we’re supposed to take on board every day, calling in the firepower of this men’s skin serum, might just prove to be your best ever move. This highly potent skin serum has been formulated to fight fatigue around the eyes and utilizes Ginkgo Biloba, to detoxify this very delicate area of skin and reduce puffiness. Featuring Ginseng, Bison Grass and Chinese Ginger too, blast your eyes with daily energy, whilst firming them up in the process.

Clarins Men Line Control Cream

One of the most powerful anti-ageing men’s skincare products out there on the market comes from Clarins Men, in the form of their Line Control Cream. Designed for dry skin, which is often more prone to the appearance of fine lines, Line Control contains some expert moisturising ingredients, as well as plant extracts that boast beneficial properties to underperforming skin, including antioxidant power. Line Control Cream has a unique lifting effect, when used regularly and in turn, fights the appearance of dullness, tiredness and sagging, whilst of course counteracting the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. Clarins Men have designed this cream to be lightweight, so it doesn’t swamp the skin, as well as energizing, again by harboring the benefits of Bison Grass and this time Chinese Galanga. As well as being a powerful age reverser, Line Control also protects the skin against damaging impurities and its fresh matte feel will leave you looking on top form, all day long.

Clarins Men After Shave Energizer

Clarins Men’s most popular shaving product over the past five years is their After Shave Energizer. Described as an energizing post-shave splash, which effectively soothes and calms razor burn, there is little surprise that this has become a stalwart in so many men’s grooming regimes over the world, since its release. One thing that really makes this energizer stand out is its cool, clean and hugely memorable scent that screams of seduction. After Shave Energizer contains a premium combination of calming and healing plant extracts, including Centella Asiatica, that quickly engage the skin and fast track its recovery after shaving. Essentially a powerful healing post shave lotion, this product, well worthy of its place in our top five also contains Purslane, Centella and Blue Alpine Thistle extracts, that purify the skin and remove pollutants that can lead to irritation, heat and a that common burning feeling.

Clarins Men Line Control Balm

Clarins Men Line Control Balm boasts very similar benefits to their bestselling Line Control Cream, however the main difference here is that it targets the tone and suppleness of your skin, to leave it even in colour, texture and smoothness. If you’re a guy who has sagging skin, dark spots and uneven skin tone across your complexion, then the Line Control Balm should be your weapon of choice. Adding this gel to your bathroom armory will give your skin a nice and healthy youthful boost each and every day. Say hello to no more sagging around the chin with this skin care for men savior.

Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel

Finally, it’s the turn of Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel to take center stage. A true innovator in the world of men’s personal care and grooming, this specially assembled moisture gel brings hydration and nutrition back to your fatigued epidermis. Suitable for dehydrated skin, Super Moisture Gel helps revitalize and firm the skin immediately upon contact, ensuring the face is left looking alert, taught and fatigue free. Use this gel as part of an everyday skin care routine, or even the morning after the night before, to reduce the appearance of hungover skin. What we love about this face gel for men is that it contains ingredients that combine to build a protective barrier on the skin, which in turn safeguards against the inbound of impurities and toxins all day long. Suitable for all skin types, finish off your new and upgraded regime in style with a help in hand from the male skincare experts.