Dermalogica are a brand that have been operating within the skin care market for over two decades. During that time they have developed an extensive range of luxury and high performance formulas, dedicated to each skin type. In our latest male skin care blog, we talk through five of their best facial cleansers, in the hope of pointing you towards a potentially game-changing product to build your routine around.

Dermal Clay Cleanser – [250ml, 500ml]

Oily skin can be banished away with Dermalogica’s Dermal Clay Cleanser. A brilliant option to deeply extract and cleanse the skin from oils that reside deep within your pores. Its formula is a blend of Green and Kaolin clays which are used as natural extraction tools in skincare. They act as a sponge soaking up sebum (naturally secreted skin oil) and drawing out impurities from your pores. It purifies your oily skin, leaving you mattified and deeply cleansed. The formula contains many other actives, that work after the clay has vacuumed your pores clear. Purifying Lemon, Ivy and Sambucus are used to provide an astringent and cleansing impact to your newly opened pores. They ensure bacteria has no place in the skin and leave you feeling freshly protected. Since your skin is taking a lot, Cucumber and Sage are used to soothe and calm the skin and keep it from inflaming. Lastly Menthol is used for its refreshing and energising properties and will revitalise your skin, energising it. A great wake up to the senses and areas deeply extracted. This vegan formula is a great option to use 1-2 times a week for a full clear/cleanse. It is important to unclog your pores and allow your skin to breathe. You’ll also be exfoliating and lifting dead skin cells from your face and neck and allowing new skin to form and emerge underneath. Say goodbye to congested and oily skin using Dermal Clay Cleanser by Dermalogica.

Special Cleansing Gel – [50ml, 250ml, 500ml]

Cleanse your skin with this gentle and superb foam cleanser. Suitable for daily use with its mild formula this cleanser will become the best part of your mornings and evenings. You’ll find Balm Mint and Lavender are potent botanicals that deliver pure calmness to the skin and senses. They soothe and leave you feeling relaxed. Quillaja Saponaria is a naturally foaming agent that is found inside this brilliant cleanser. It is rich and creates a thick and full lather without stripping essential moisture from the skin. It gently disperses traces of debris and toxins from the skin and leaves you clean and smooth. Because of the nature of this vegan and gluten-free foam, it is suitable for all types of skins. Oily, to dry, sensitive, to combination, everyone can benefit from its calming and clarifying properties. It has a lightweight consistency and is free from artificial fragrances and colourings. You’ll be left feeling refreshed, cleansed and calmed after using Special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica.

Intensive Moisture Cleanser – [150ml, 250ml]

Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisturiser Cleanser will help to cleanse your skin, whilst actively providing essential nourishment. It helps defend against dryness and uses a mixture of invigorating extracts to bolster your skins natural barrier lipids. Intensive and gentle, Dermalogica’s patented formula preserves your skins natural resilience, whilst ridding the skin from impurities. You’ll find Citrus, Jasmine and Palmarosa potent botanical extracts inside this vegan and gluten-free formula. They help to energise, refresh and invigorate tired skin. Your skin will feel and look softer, cleaners and more luminous. The formula uses a specially crafted BioReplenish Complex that removes the bad from the skin and ensures deep nourishment in its wake. Helping those with dry and depleted skin. Reviving your tired skin to bouncier, more youthful days. Phyto-actives from Murumuru Seed Butter and Coconuts enhance your skins natural defences whilst cleansing the skin is happening. This lipid-enriched paraben-free formula doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or colourings and is kind to your skin.

Precleanse Balm – [30ml, 150ml]

This balm-to-oil emulsifier will deeply cleanse and melt away makeup and impurities from the skin. The perfect all-rounder to finish the day off and leave your skin feeling super cleansed. The formula which is gluten-free and vegan, deconstructs the layers of environmental pollutants, residue, waterproof makeup and excess layers of sebum to reveal your skin underneath. It easily lifts off the junk from your face, exposing your skin to the air and providing effortless clearing. Often some cleansers can’t breakdown layers of residual product on the skin without the help from excessive hand-mitt exfoliation. It can be easy for some build-up to be left on the skin unnoticed. Dermalogica’s patented formula achieves healthier looking skin with a natural Biolipid Complex and its solution being water-activated. It delivers its magic deep through the layers and even into the skin to lift and unhinge any congested on the face and neck. The formula is tough, but gentle on the skin and suitable for daily use. Hydration is locked into the face and Apricot Kernel Oil is used to leave the skin nourished and reinforced. The balm is also safe for the use around the eye area, which makes taking off waterproof mascara a dream! It works great too, for those with skin types that are dry to normal.

Essential Cleansing Solution – [250ml, 500ml]

A creamy vegan solution that is both rich and conditioning to the skin. Dermalogica’s potent formula with extracts of Rosemary and Lemon help to invigorate the skin, leaving it looking refreshed and revived. It uses a formula that is paraben-free and free from irritating artificial fragrances and colourings. It is safe and kind to skin and a vegetarian option too. It replenishes the skin, whilst maintain moisture levels. Keeping your skins hydration levels optimum and locking it in securely. The consistency is rich and creamy but does not foam into a lather. It will help to lift dirt and impurities from the skins surface, without further drying out the skin. Botanical extract of Safflower Oil is both softening and conditioning and provides a natural moisturising property to the skin. The solution is water-soluble and able to be washed off easily to leave clear and clean skin that is soft in its wake.