We don’t have to think too hard to realise that male grooming is now big business. Whether it’s through hair products, body lotions or day-to-day skin care items, they seem to everywhere. But, where did it all begin? and more importantly, what products still going strong today caused such a seismic shift in the plate tectonics of male grooming?

Over the last ten years, there is one stand out product that has always seemed to be up there at the top of the cosmetic tree. L’Oreal Men Expert’s Hydra Energetic Moisturiser was the first real mainstream product that every day men really began to get on board with. Having gone through various packaging changes and formula tweaks, this excellent product for the everyday man, we believe, will be here for some time to come.

Next, it’s the infamous YSL touche Eclat concealer pen. It was reported widely during the late naughties that more and more men were stealing their girlfriend’s super sexy gold pen, in order to brighten and liven up their eyes on a daily basis. As a result, Yves Saint Laurent released their male only version of the Touche Eclat in a silver form, adding further fuel to the fire of the roaring growth in the men’s grooming market.

It didn’t take long for other brands to follow suit, with MMUK MAN releasing their utterly addictive concealer stick for men in 2012. Men’s makeup sales have pushed beyond the £1million barrier for this cosmetic firm and the sheer popularity of this concealer for men further proves how men’s grooming will never be the same again.

Going back to basics now with our final two product lines. Clinique For Men’s Anti Blemish Solutions range of products was released nearly ten years ago and sought to sort the men from the boys when it came to serious skin care. Targeting younger guys, typically with acne and blemish related conditions, this series really caught the attention of the bulk of the future customer base of men’s grooming and we should be very grateful.

Finally, Nivea For Men’s Aftershave Balm proved to be a cornerstone product in the transformation of male grooming. With bold blue packaging and a formula that could alleviate any form of post shave irritation, redness and tightness, it was no surprise that millions of men made this the basis of their hugely successful shaves.

Where will we be in ten years time and what products will still be going strong? As we sit here on the dawn of the mens grooming boom, all that remains, is to sit back and wait for the market to explode!