Introducing Biotherm Homme’s total Recharge CC Gel, a luxuriously lightweight men’s cosmetic masterstroke, power packed with high grade ingredients, that guarantee to get your skin back on track. In a slight twist to my normal male skin care reviews, I’ve decided to plain and simply list the five core skin care benefits that this product has to offer after recently using this product for a three week stretch. This is actually my first time reviewing a Biotherm Homme product and after them announcing a link up with none other than David Beckham himself to help promote their new men’s line, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of their products. This one actually fascinated me the most, as any product that claims to cover blemishes whilst looking after my skin, is definitely worth checking out in my book. I believe this is the direction the entire men’s skin care market is going and if Biotherm Homme prove to be one of the founding fathers, along with the likes of MMUK MAN and MYEGO, then I’m all for that.

After getting my hands on the product, it’s clear to see that it’s been very well designed and definitely ticks the masculinity box! It’s bold packaging and catchy slogans will surely make it a hit within the growingly intense male grooming cauldron. You also get a good amount too for your money and it’s not immediately obvious that it’s a cosmetic product specifically, perfect for men who like their discretion. The formula itself comes out as an orange gel, which I was quite shocked about, but at the same time kind of liked, but it was when it was applied, when things started to get interesting. Here are five reasons why slipping this little master tactician into your grooming routine, might just prove to be one of your best ever moves.

It Vanishes Greyness and Dullness

When you get tired and stressed, you don’t have the time to appropriately care for the skin. We’ve all seen how fresh and healthy we tend to look after coming back off holiday and one of the main reasons for this is because your skin has had time to relax and recover. With Biotherm’s CC Gel, you can instantly fight greyness and dullness within your complexion, with its brightening and illuminating effects. No man wants to show his dull side, so light the torch paper of your grooming routine and trust in this product’s abilities.

It Resurges Your Skin’s Health

Getting a healthy looking complexion is actually a lot harder than you think. A combination of even skin tone, correct hydration and blemish defense are just three of the characteristics that determine your skin’s health, all of which are corrected with one quick fire shot of Biotherm to the face and neck. Improving your skin’s overall health with its complexion correction (CC) abilities, this power cream knows how to get the job done.

It Gives the Skin Instant Energy

Energy is something that we all need and there’s nothing worse than when our skin lets us down. Acting as a lightning bolt of energy to the face upon application, this CC Gel uses new Micro-Pigment technology in its transparent formula, to reflect light off dark areas of your face, rough and fatigued skin and instantly makes it look more energized. Perk yourself right back up with this orange gel, that goes onto the skin invisible and settles down to a natural tint after about twenty seconds. Sometimes, products like these go on quite brassy and give too much shine, however, Biotherm have casually side stepped such problems with this formulas very subtle skin enhancements, which is why I’ll be making it more of a permanent fixture in my routine, especially over the winter months.

It Makes You Look as Though You’ve Had 8 Hours

Leading on nicely from its energy boosting properties, a combination of Vitamin C and Ginseng revitalize and recharge the skin, making you look as though you’ve had your full quote of sleep. Look as though you’re having eight hours every night with this products active smoothing polymers that charge the skin, restore its tightness and make it look correctly rested.

It makes you look tanned

Biotherm’s invisible gel quite simply melts into the skin immediately after application. Along with its correcting qualities, it also gives your skin the appearance of a natural looking and healthy tan. The only way I like my tinted moisturiser’s are natural, long lasting and ones which do not rub off onto the collar or fall down your face throughout the day. Biotherm Homme Total Recharge CC gets a huge thumbs up in that department and makes me look as though I’ve just stepped off the beach each and every single day. It’s very easy to get to grips with too and you don’t have to worry about it streaking or looking cakey.