Handsome_ManWhen it comes to attracting the opposite sex, there's a list as long as my right arm that she subconsciously looks for during the first stages of attraction. A good body and style remain very much up there, before you have a chance to dazzle her with your personality. But gents, what if your grooming standards could play a key role in your success with the ladies?


Would you be well respected for being a modern day metro sexual? Or, would she constantly end up frustrated with you spending more time getting ready than her? In today's men's skin care blog, MaleSkin have enlisted the help of relationship expert Rubin Strauss, to ask if becoming a grooming connoisseur could really give you a better hit rate, when it comes to turning on the ladies.


Mr Strauss explains how putting your best face forward can instantly make you more appealing in the eyes of a women. He also, demonstrates how a well-groomed appearance can result in other life successes such as a good career. But, what exactly do women look for? Today, we'll be running the rule over the top five features women look for in a well groomed man and seek to give you some valuable assistance when it comes to boosting your confidence.


We enlisted the help of 100 women and have outlined just what it takes to impress in the bathroom and beyond below:

5. Great Hair

Whether you use wax, clay or a gel, it's always a good idea to sport a fresh and crisp hairstyle! Why? The hair is one of the first things she notices, so showcasing a flat bed head style mop on a Saturday night certainly isn't going to do you any favours. Choose a good quality matt clay for shorter style, and don't be afraid to mix it up with some hairspray if there's a little rocker just waiting to get out. It's also a good idea to show off healthy and smooth hair, so a good men's shampoo and conditioner will never go a miss.


4. No More Spots

Smooth skin was voted as a massive turn on for women, but more so, a spot free face was given pure essential status! The number of women who mentioned the need to eliminate spots exceeded 70 in our poll and if you're a guy constantly battling break outs, we can offer a little reprieve.


Removing and hiding spots has never been easier than with one of MaleSkin's top anti-spot creams. When applied, they get straight to work on reducing inflammation and healing the skin, perfect if you're fighting against time before a big date. If that fails, why not deploy a concealer for men, such as our most popular MMUK MAN concealer stick, to cover up the odd lingering blemish? If you're troubled by the appearance of acne, an anti-acne treatment or foundation for men will certainly stand you in good stead for blanketing troubled areas with natural and healthy coverage.


3. Younger Looking Skin

Whilst gents in their 40's and 50's will find it virtually impossible to look in their twenty’s, it is vital for your skin to look as young as possible for your age. We all know how the likes of George Clooney and Michael Douglas are adored by women, and these older guys certainly know how to play it right on the grooming battlefield.


Thankfully gents, you can get in on the action with a good quality anti-wrinkle treatment for men. These high performance treatments bid a quick farewell to aging, fatigued and sagging skin, to reveal a refreshed, revitalized and a more sexier appearance. Alternatively, check out the high performance power of a facial serum for men, these super charged skin regenerators do a great job at turning back the hands of time and leave you looking superb.


2.Catch Her Eye

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, so don't let the likes of eye bags, dark circles and puffiness get in the way! A good eye cream results in fresh, galvanized and an overall energized complexion, meaning she's not left desperate to get away from those panda eyes. Capture her attention with great looking eyes, and even use the likes of eyeliner or mascara for a little natural enhancement.


1. Tanned looking skin.

Voted number one in our top things women look for in a well-groomed man is a nice healthy tan. Sexy, toned and sensuous, the truth is gents that a tan can take you a hell of a long way. Learn to fake it in the depths of winter, or catch a few extra rays in the summer. Regardless of your motives, getting a spot of colour can really bring you massive success and intense attraction.


You can also use the likes of tinted moisturiser, foundation or bronzer for men to enhance your face and neckline. Using such products will leave you looking sculpted and ready for action when it comes to turning up the volume on your sex appeal.