Man In ShowerWith December well in the swing and Christmas fast approaching, the recent decline in temperatures across the whole of the UK will no doubt be starting to play havoc with your skin's condition, tone and feel. Dry and rough skin across your forehead, cheeks and the bridge of your nose are sure fire signs of men's skin lack of hydration throughout these crucial months for your overall skin's health. In our latest men's skin care blog, we'll be showing you how to survive the December drought as a modern man with a few handy and insightful tips. Whilst we may not be able to rescue you from the in-laws this Christmas, what our skincare expertise can provide is a holy grail of information to help you battle the harshness of winter and make it a very comfortable 2014 for your skin.


During the main three winter months your skin really begins to bear the brunt. Whether it's continuous exposure to nature's detrimental elements, such as wind, rain and coldness or the dramatic humidity decline around this time of year, the first thing to often buckle is unfortunately your skin. Furthermore, in a desperate act to rebalance your skin's moisture levels, your skin tends to produce more oil, which can clog your pores, which can often lead to a whole host of imperfections arising. Tackle spots, blemishes and prematurely aging skin with our five key tips to avoid painful, damaged and dry skin this winter.


1. Avoid Long Showers

Yes, yes, it may sound like a strange one gents, but long showers in winter can actually have a detrimental effect on your skin's moisture level and hydration. Taking too longer showers (anything above 4-5 minutes actually strips away essential moisture, oils and minerals from deeper within your skin, making it a real problem when it's time to tackle the cold and naturally stay hydrated. Ensure you avoid shower gel's and shampoo's on your face and when it comes to taking a fresher skin care approach, don't let showers be your down fall. Keep the temperature relatively hot and make it snappy gents!


2. Avoid facial exfoliator’s and scrubs.

Men's face scrubs, although brilliant at most points throughout the year, during December and January aren't all that! Their typically drying formulas and beaded bases, again, strip away essential nutrients and hydrators. Exfoliators are great at balancing oil levels from within men's skin, but when resources are scarce during this time of year, lock and load on this range of products, regardless of their quality. Be sure to use purifying face washes and gel's, which boost skin's moisture levels and clean without leaving a dry and flaky surface behind.


3. Drink plenty of water.

Cup Of WaterWe've all heard the list as long as my arm highlighting the benefits of drinking litres of water each day, but this time of year more than ever, it's crucial you remember to fill up at the fountain before parking yourself at your desk for a busy day in the office. A lack of water will leave your entire body dehydrated and as your body's largest organ, your skin will inevitably suffer from such a lack of hydration. Dehydration and excessive sweat (if you regularly attend a gym or exercise) will severely damage your chances of getting to Easter unscathed in the world of quality male skin care.


4. Use a quality moisturiser.

It may be the most obvious skin care tip for men tip we've ever given, but you'd be astonished at the number of guys out there who fail to utilize the power of a good moisturiser. You can pick up a good quality male moisturiser, packed out with nutrients and hydrators for as little as £8, so there's definitely no excuses if you find yourself in a mid February conundrum. Remembering to re-apply three to four times a day if you are able to, top up your skin's natural moisture level, especially crucial if you work outside or in the skin drying environment of air conditioned offices. Apply evenly across the entirety of your face to begin your defence against the December drought and look out for hypoallergenic moisturisers for even more protection.


5. Groom Wise

Finally chaps, as most of you will inevitably be regular shavers, unless you're supporting the Tom Hanks Castaway look, be sure to not just finish your skin care at the razor. Enjoy and experience the power of a good after shave balm which protects moisture loss during the immediate aftermath of rigorous shaving. Post shaved skin loses hydration four times quicker than regular unshaven skin, so put the right barrier in place to prevent unnecessary loss at this stage of your grooming routine.


Take on the MaleSkin challenge and become a firm favourite of some key skin care tips and products for men this December. When it comes to your skin care goals, be sure to pack out your wash bag with essential goodness and take on board some of the below buying tips found in your local supermarket or at our online grooming store.

What to buy:

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