With Father's Day coming up in the fast lane, we've put our heads together and picked out four of our favourite Bulldog gift sets that are perfect for the special man in your life. Without breaking the bank, put the smile back on his face this Father's Day and save yourself a pretty penny in the process. From the skin care novice to the bravely bearded - we've got a little something for every dad out there this year.

Skincare Kit For Men

Containing 3 top products for men, products that they should invest to keep their skin in top form. Perfect for a birthday, Christmas or just as a nice gift for that special guy in your life. You'll receive the: Original Face Scrub (125ml), Original Face Wash (150ml) and the Original Moisturiser (100ml). A 3-step regime that is easy and doable to keep you clean, exfoliated and protected in one full swoop. Cleanse your face a lather with rich formula, exfoliate the dead skin cells and then wash off and pat dry with a clean towel. Apply the moisturiser for all day protection and coverage that is non-greasy and quick absorbing.

Beard Care Kit

A great kit that contains 3 pieces to elevate your grooming. Your beard will be enriched with vital oils and nourishment and locked in moisture will keep your beard healthy. You will be able to tame an unruly beard by using the Beard Comb to style your beard out. Cleanse your hair with the '2 in 1' shampoo and conditioner and soften it further with the rich oil. You're beard will be soft and full of volume catching the eye of many. Inside the set you'll find: The Beard Comb, the Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (200ml) and the Original Beard Oil (30ml).

Skincare Duo Set

Hydrating Original Face Wash (150ml) and Original Moisturiser (100ml), will help you step up your game in no time and that is why this duo set has been created for you. Using our two top products to give men what they really want (and need). You'll find the Original Face Wash hydrating and cleansing, removing dirt with an infusion of Aloe Vera and Green Tea. It will help towards purifying your skin with its active ingredients. Afterwards once your skin is dry, moisturise with the Original Moisturiser that is the counterpart to this duo set. The formula also added with the same Green Tea Leaf and Aloe Vera to ensure your skin is packed with high hydration and key bio-active protectors.

Skincare Trio Set

A 3-part skincare trio to maximise your skins potential with a selection of top products by Bulldog. Inside you'll find: the Original Shave Gel (175ml), the Original Face Wash (150ml) & the Original Moisturiser (100ml). 3 steps to give you better looking and feeling skin. Using the Original Shaving Gel will help and ease with shaving your beard, by protecting it from the root. Once your desired look is achieved you can use the Original Face Wash to cleanse any dirt or product off to clear your skin. Afterwards the Original Moisturiser will grant and aid you in better hydrated looking and feeling skin with the key extracts in its formula. This whole routine has the same great formula enriched with Aloe Vera, Green Tea Leaf and Camelina Oil.