Nothing beats the feeling of washing, cleansing and toning your skin after a hot and sweaty day in the sun. When it’s hot, sticky and humid out there, your skin can become oily and greasy. By following a strict men’s skin care regime throughout the summer months, you’ll be able to balance out the negative effects of the heat and leave your skin fresh and flawless. In this week’s male skin blog, we’ve picked out 4 facial toners from expert brand Dermalogica and described how each one of them can give you some serious ‘skinspiration’ over the summer months.

Multi-Active Toner – [50ml, 250ml]

A spritz to the face leaves you with a veil-like draping of hydration and refreshment to the skin. Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner is suitable for everyone and provides a conditioning to the skin when used. Can be used as a refreshing spritz, but more importantly as a step just after cleansing. Toners work at readying your skin for the next steps of your skincare or makeup routine. You’ll find that products used on top of your skin which has a base of toner, will work more confidently and have a greater performance for your skin. This formula uses moisture-binding humectants, to douse the skin and clear any residual traces of bacteria and grime for the skin. It uses a mixture of Arnica, Lavender and Balm Mint to increase the levels of hydration in your skin and smooth the surface of your face and neck. You’ll find this gluten-free and vegan product your new favourite, considering its crafted by Dermalogica without the uses of artificial colours, fragrances and nasty parabens. This skin-loving toner optimises your skin to absorb moisturiser better and evens out skin porosity. Just directly spritz it towards your face and let the light misting blanket your skin, allow the dry before using your next product. This skin-quenching toner is wonderful along flights as it keeps your skin in optimal moisture levels.

Antioxidant Hydramist – [30ml, 150ml]

This spritzing hydrating mist will quench your skins appetite for moisture and leave it feeling refreshed. A great option on a long flight where your skin can become quite dehydrated. A quick spritz and you are helping your skin to keep an optimised level of hydration in its tissue. This convenient mist uses a formula packed full of botanical goodness. It uses Clove, Rose and Pea Extracts to help firm, comfort and refresh your skin. The formula prevents aging in the skin which is caused by AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End products). This antioxidant solution drapes the skin with a shield of powerful protection to increase your skins barrier resistance. Your skin is left more supple, rich in moisture and plumper. This leaves your skin looking smoother to the look and feel as fine lines are diminished. Toners work the best when used just after the cleansing stage in your routine. Although can be used for a quick hydration refresh, toners help prep your skin for the bettering of performance from further skincare and makeup products. Toners work also to clear last minute debris, and residual grime which can often be missed during the cleansing stage. Dermalogica’s formula is safe and kind to the skin and uses a special science to really empower your skin. The formula is free from nasty skin irritating parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. It is created gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. Application is easy with a spritz (not too close) to the face and neck. This convenient mist will also provide a quick refreshing touch-up to any makeup being worn throughout the day. Keeping your skin hydrated and ensuring your cosmetic layering is suitably comfortable on the skin (avoiding things like cracking). Antioxidant Hydramist quenches thirsty skin and reduces age defining lines, it shields against free radicals and leaves a refreshing effect on the skin.

Breakout Clearing All Over Toner – [118ml]

Created with a blend of 12 gentle botanical this formula is free from nasty skin irritating parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. This Clear Start toner is also gluten-free and suitable for vegans. The Salicylic Acid base works to purify the skin against breakouts and future blemish invasions. The formula is kind to the skin and impactful at shielding your defences against acne forming bacteria’s. Use just after the cleansing stage in your routine to provide your skin with the necessary blanket to bolster your defences. This refreshing toner will cool your skin and leave it feeling revived. The 12 botanicals, which include some of Argon, Lavender and Camellia are used to reduce signs of redness on the skin and calm skin that is inflamed due to bacteria triggered breakouts. The cleansing and soothing toner minimises surface oils which in excess lead to the build-up of breakouts on the skin. The combination of Salicylic Acid and Sesame Seed Extract will play a part in this achievement. You’ll also find Bitter Orange and Lemongrass extracts enrich the skin, leaving it energised, stimulated and revived. To lock in further moisture to the skin, spray onto damp skin and let it natural absorb in.

Ultracalming Mist – [177ml]

Created with Dermalogica’s Ultracalming Complex which contains botanical actives and Oat to work deep into the skin and intercept inflammatory triggers that leave your skin sensitised. This refreshing and hydrating mist will calm and reduce your skin from redness and sensitivity. It is easy to apply and created without the use of skin irritating parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. It is, however, gluten-free and vegan and contains skin loving Aloe Extract to calm whilst rebalancing your skins moisture levels. This regenerating extract is known for its healing properties to the skin and leaves your skin nourished and protected. The toner can be used as a refreshing spritz throughout the day or over a long-haul flight. But more importantly should be used as part of your skincare regime. The best and optimal time to use is just after cleansing your face and body. It works at breaking and clearing any residual grime missed during your cleanse and preps the skin. Toners are used to enhance and accelerate the performance of further facial products and cosmetics (moistures and serums). By using a toner beforehand, you are readying your skin to absorb a product better and deeper into the skin. The hydrating mist can be used throughout the day and on-top of coverage to keep your cosmetic structure intact. Help condition your skin and quickly relieve discomfort and inflammation at the touch of a spritz.