After a long hard day in this kind of heat, you’d be forgiven for wanting to quickly race home and grab yourself a nice cool shower to freshen up. When your whole body’s sweating and feeling greasy, there’s nothing better than the refreshing buzz of luxury men’s body wash from Molton Brown. Designed to upgrade your cleansing routine whilst in the shower, Molton Brown’s collection of body washes guarantee to energize, revitalize and awaken your senses, with their strong scents and premium performance.

Here are my top four Molton Brown Men’s Body Washes, hand-picked especially for you guys this summer. With each of them truly looking the part and offering something a little different to what you’d pick up in your local drugstore, I’m very confident I can convert you and turn you into a Molton Brown worshipper, just like me.

Molton Brown Silver Birch Body Wash

Serving up a refreshing blast of energy in your shower routine, Molton Brown’s Silver Birch Body Wash holds all the aces. Powered with extracts from the bark and leaves of the Silver Birch tree, this power play product has been designed to enliven the skin and provide it with a thoroughly deep cleanse, giving it a supreme conditioning workout in the process. Incredibly refreshing and utterly energizing, this Vitamin C powered body wash for men also guarantees to let you wash away the troubles of your day quite literally. I love the tingling freshness this wash gives all over my body and my skin feels soft and even immediately after rinsing it off.

Molton Brown Water Mint Body Wash

Who doesn’t love the tantalizing refreshment of mint? Molton Brown’s Water Mint Body Wash is a deeply nourishing shower gel that ever so gently cleanses impurities and toxins from deep within the skin. Whether used directly in the shower, or applied to a running hot bath, this little sensual saviour works effortlessly to relax your skin, muscles and mind. In my book, there’s no better way to start your day and liven up your mind, as its water mint content rushes across the skin to invigorate it and make it tingle. With this body wash’s moisturising ability, it also alleviate the need to apply body lotion afterwards, perfect if you’re rushed for time before a big meeting or presentation.

Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash

Another body wash right from the top drawer is Molton Brown’s Black Peppercorn Body Wash, designed to re-charge the skin and give it maximum energy all day, with strong jolts of spicy sensations. The Black Peppercorn Body Wash soothes and calms the skin, whilst anti-inflammatory components fight to tackle redness and irritation and is especially effective for sensitive skin.

Molton Brown Bushukan Body Wash

Refreshing, indulgent and built for the modern man. Molton Brown’s Bushukan Body Wash is enriched with anti-oxidants extracts to soothe, nourish and protect your body’s skin all day. The vibrant yellow body wash symbolizes the purity and energy it provides your skin with daily, whether used directly onto the skin or foamed up using a shower sponge or poof. Get your pulse racing with this memorably scented bath and shower wash for men, designed to upgrade your entire bathroom experience.