Jack Black is a brand that we’ve offered here at MaleSkin for over three years now and during that time, it’s no exaggeration to say that the brand has exploded in popularity. Covering nearly every male grooming base, Jack Black have developed a range to rival the best in the business. In this week’s men’s skin care blog, we’ll be focusing on four of our favourite gift sets that the Jack Black skincare brand has to offer.

The Grand Tour

A fantastic travel sized option great for holiday's or small city breaks away. Included are some top selected items to maximise your grooming, whilst you travel the globe or country. They are all TSA-approved travel sizes and inside the waxed canvas bag you’ll find: Turbo wash energizing cleanser, 3oz - Beard lube conditioning shave, 3oz - Double-duty face moisturiser SPF 20, 1.5oz - Pure clean Daily facial cleanser, 3oz - Pit boss antiperspirant & deodorant, 1.3oz. Fabulous scents with these products all in the convenience, of these easy to use travel options.

Triple Play Gift Set

A superb, cost effective selection of top grooming pieces from the Jack Black range. Inside you'll find, A lightweight double duty face moisturiser with added SPF 20, 8.5oz. With its multitasking formula designed to give ultimate hydration and SPF protection without any greasiness or heaviness. The formula is quick acting and fast absorbing too.

A pure clean daily facial cleanser, 3oz. This cleanser which doubles as a toner as well will gently remove dirt and facial oil without causing irritation to dry or sensitive skin.

A turbo wash energizing cleanser, 3oz. Functioning as a hair and body cleanser, this dual purpose wonder will wash dirt and sweat from the body, without over-drying the skin. Eucalyptus and Rosemary are infused into the formula to revive the senses in the sin and also soothe muscle mass that is overworked. A great option for any gym users!

Grab and Go Traveller Set

An Epic TSA-approved collection holding the essentials to make sure your grooming regimen doesn't fall through whilst you are on holiday! Inside you'll find 4 top products to ensure a stress free trip! All-over wash for face, hair and body, 3oz - Pit boss antiperspirant & deodorant, 1.3oz - Beard lube conditioning shave, 3oz - Clean break oil-free moisturiser, 1.5oz. Get up and Go with this essential range all handy supplied in a durable waxed-canvas travel bag.

Clean and Cool Body Basics Set

This post-workout regimen is sorted for you, with everything you need. Just the essentials and non of the fuss. Featuring Jack Blacks "All-Over" scent the whole pack contains, An all-over wash, 10oz. This single cleanser for not just the hair, but face and body is the perfection quick option to clean from head to toe.

Deluxe black netted sponge. Use this accessory to not only save your product from being lost down the drain, but to richly lather and exfoliate your skin. To save your sponge and avoid the build up of bacteria, make sure you wash your sponge thoroughly before leaving out to dry.. Cool moisture body lotion, 16oz. Will cool your skin upon contact and with its quick absorbing formulae will soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin. Pit boss antiperspirant & deodorant, 2.75oz provides you with exceptional coverage for long-lasting wetness and odour protection.