L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic MoisturiserWith Fresher's Week well under way across most of Britain's universities or scheduled for next week, MaleSkin thought we'd put together a list of essential skincare for men products to help your skin survive the next fortnight of debauchery. Unfortunately, whilst we can't guarantee the same for your liver, one thing is for sure guys, you'll be looking on your very best form!


Through the sheer volume of alcohol you'll undoubtedly be consuming it's particularly important to keep your body hydrated throughout the day and night. If you find yourself spitting feathers, then the likelihood is your skin will become tight and dehydrated, something not on our list of priorities to do! Likewise, with the Student Loan Company funding your next three years, you're probably not going to have much spare cash to be splashing out on yourself, so it's a good idea to find yourself a quality good value daily moisturiser. L'Oreal Men Experts iconic Hydra Energetic Moisturiser is always a good call for value, saving precious pennies that you can put towards you boozy nights out.


With a bit of luck gents, you'll be having a few late nights a week. Whilst we don't want to know the details of why you're losing so much sleep, we are worried about you looking tired for those 9am lectures. Combat this with the help of a good quality eye roll on, such as BullDog's Eye Roll-On, a great way to cover those tired and over focused eyes.


MMUK MAN Concealer For MenBring some colour back in your life with a tinted moisturiser for men next and learn to fake a sun kissed complexion. Men's tinted moisturisers do a great job at making your skin look nice and healthy, compensating for the severe lack of sunlight you'll be experiencing over the next nocturnal fortnight. Tinted moisturisers are all the rage on the men's grooming market right now and Henri Lloyd's tinted moisturiser strikes a great balance between affordability and performance.


Next, it's time to go equipped! Whilst we're not talking about those little baby-savers (although you'll need some of them too!), we're talking about concealer for men. Cover those lingering blemishes quickly and naturally with one from MMUK MAN, guaranteeing when it's party time, nothing will be left holding you back. MMUK MAN's concealers for men do a brilliant job at covering up skin problems, leaving you ahead of the game when it comes to impressing that girl next door!


With these four products and a good quality hair product, make it a fresher’s week to never forget as you break away from the shackles of your restricted youth. Remember guys, go gentle and remember to stay protected!