You’ve seen the news; our current global affairs have left us self-isolating and washing our hands continuously with antibacterial soaps. Being a fantastic approach to the whole COVID-19 situation, can leave our hands feeling/looking neglected and overly drier as you’ve stripped its natural oils from the surface. It is so important to wash your hands, but also to continue to moisturise even if you are just waiting it out at home. It’s also the perfect time to pull out those gifted Christmas hand creams that you’ve not yet opened. If that all fails, you can check out our top 5 hard-working hand products, guaranteed to keep your hands looked after during this time spent in our homes. These are all available here at MaleSkin.

Clarins Men Active Hand Care – 75ml: £17

A formulated hand cream for those with the active and outdoors lifestyle. If you’ve spent time outside, you’ll know just how sore your hands can feel. After the elements and the motion of using them can leave the skin most uncomfortable. Ultra-dry, painful, irritated and the splitting of skin can be major factors for those with incredibly dry hands and its important to keep a nourishing barrier to help retain moisture levels. Clarin’s have engineered a lightweight, yet heavy-duty formula to their hand salve. It takes Allatoin, Purslane and Vitamin B5 to tackle the effects dehydration can bring to the skins surface. It’s non-greasy and provides a conditioning and nourishing effect to all the areas of your hands, cuticles and nails included. Blanketing your skin with a moisture barrier to support happier skin.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve – 150ml: £22

Tackling you from the moment it blankets your hands, Keihl’s is another hard-working cream and we are here for it. Using a formula consisting of Avocado & Sesame Oil, it is rich in naturally occurring fatty acids. These make for fantastic ingredients because they help in the protection of water on the skins surface. With super emollient abilities too, leaving your hands nourished longer and ensuring any dryness is battled with. The formula contains a mass of Proteins, Amino Acids, Potassium and Vitamins A, D & C. All encouraging the health of your skin as they work together to provide natural protection from the outside world and better absorption from deep within the skin. A great all- rounder in our opinion!.

MMUK MAN Nourishing Hand Cream – 120ml: £35

Premium skincare offers itself through the brand MMUK MAN. A brand whose sheer dedication into your skin’s health and maintaining it, comes first with its customers. Their skincare range includes this generous every-day hand cream and its one of our favourites in this top 5 selection. A patented formula that contains a concoction of Grape Seed Oil, Avocado and a base of Shea Butter to work itself deeply into your skin’s layers. A lightweight solution that locks in hydration for extended periods of time. Leaves your skin pleasantly non-greasy and softer after the application. The science behind this brand works with the thickness of men’s skin, which is scientifically denser than the counter sex. The hand cream leaves a nourishing veil-like barrier over your hands to ensure they are kept soft and conditioned with any extra hand washing.

MMUK MAN Soothe Hand & Foot Cuticle Protector – 50ml: £38

On the theme of MMUK MAN’s skincare range, it is worth looking at this hyper-intense cream that could make for a great bedtime routine partner. We know its hard to not use your hands during the daytime. We are all busy people, even during times having to isolate in our homes. However, when night rolls around, it makes for a great opportunity to provide something a little thicker to the skin. The Soothe Hand & Foot Cuticle Protector can make for an excellent deep hand cream. It provides a relieving effect onto skin that is overworked and overdried. A day of constant washing and applying hand creams may leave your skin needing a little extra boost whilst you are inactive and asleep. The solution delivers deep into the layers of the skin to revive and replenish your skins natural state. A formula contains active ingredients: Vitamin E, Chamomile Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera, calms and soothes skin that is ultra-dry and irritated. It provides a thicker blanket across the skins surface and works instantaneously through the night, to leave you skin that is softer and pain-free when the morning rolls around. A melt-in-the-skin, heavyweight champion!

ESPA Men Cooling Body Moisturiser – 200ml: £35

Although formulated to be used across the body, that doesn’t just mean you have to follow the rules. This lightweight solution makes for a great hand-lotion and in a generous amount too. You’ll find the formula sinks into the skin effortlessly and provides a great glove-like protection across your hands. Being a light cream, means it leaves little to no sticky residue you’d find with heavy based creams. Once applied it instantly softens the skin, hydrates and soothes any skin that struggling. A collection of Hyaluronic Acid and Sunflower douse the skin in large volumes of water, whilst providing a moisture retention barrier. Take any sore and troubled hands, dry from over-washing and give them some TLC with this cooling and easy breathing body moisturiser by ESPA. You’ll find it refreshing and reliving against the skins surface..