Our skin reacts to pretty much every environmental factor operating in our day to day lives - that is just a fact! From what we consume, the environment and to what we put onto our skin can - it can call affect the biggest organ in our bodies quite dramatically. One overlooked aspect is the hardness of water. By this, I mean those unfortunate enough to live in areas where your water leaves a build-up of residue. If you’re aware of this, you may have noticed it inside your kettle and in your sinks and showers. This horrible white residue of minerals that takes hours to scrub off doesn’t just sit in these places alone. Quite worryingly, you’ll also find traces of it on your skin, if you shower without a soft water shower head filtering system. If you’ve ever had a bath or shower and felt your skin was often dry or itchy afterwards, this might be the overlooked reason as to why your skin is reacting. Anyone prone to breakouts will see this a lot too! You know what I’m talking about - that itchy mineral is deposited onto the skin when washing the face and if left to air dry onto the skin, will sit there all day long. Invisible to the naked eye, this is something to bear in mind if you are finding that you are continually breaking out, even with the use of anti-blemish skincare ranges. If you’ve noticed your skin is uncomfortable and you’ve not considered the water, you are washing yourself with, it might be wise to investigate it. You’ll find hard water contains deposits from Limestone and Chalk amongst others.

These two minerals carry magnesium and calcium carbonates, which leave calcification build-ups on places such as tap faucets, or shower screens. That is the work of a build-up over time, however the same deposits are left over your skin when you shower, bath, or wash your face - although you’re unlikely to notice in the short-term. If you leave your skin to air dry, you risk the problem of these invisible minerals settling on and deep into your skin. If you’ve recently exfoliated, your skin is vulnerable to having masses of these minerals laying deeper within it, which can cause it to look uneven and much less clarified. For those who suffer with breakouts, this hard water will also encourage further and often very sore spots to surface, which you’ll find yourself constantly battling with to keep under control. So, it may be worth investing in a filtering system to soften the water. Using these small hacks will help promote your skin’s health and aid in keeping it clear and comfortable.

Use A Toner

Men's Skin Toners will remove any excess residue on your skin and leave it shielded with a veil- like protection. They also have the added benefit of removing dead skin cells and containing pore outbreaks.

Apply With Cotton Pads

Using these wipes away any water residue on your skin. You could also use filtered water in a cup or mug and soak the pad in it, before applying directly to your face. Ideally, you can combine the point above and soak a pad in some toner to provide the same enhanced effect. It’s also a great way to just wipe any excess hard water from your skin and any other unwanted debris.

Invest In A Shower-head Water Softening Attachment

There are lots of these on the market which will provide you with softer water whilst washing. They use a special ionic style pressurised purification shower head, which sounds a lot more technical than it actually is. A chamber containing polycarbonate and bioactive mineral stones built within, will help to soften the water you’re using and be gentler on your skin, helping to promote its health and vitality.

Install A Water Softening System

If you’ve got the funds for it, then you can invest wisely and get an entire water softening system installed, to give you softer water throughout your whole house. Your skin will definitely thank you in the long run. Despite this option being a considerable expense, in the long run, it will become cost effective, as you won’t be spending a fortune on cleaning supplies and new appliances (washing machines, dishwashers and those poor limescale ridden kettles). You’ll also become less reliant on men’s anti-blemish skin care products!