Your eyes are the window to your soul...’ – a phrase that is as cringey as it sounds. However, your eyes are the first place most people look at when they meet you. So, it is worth taking the time to look after the skin around them. You’ll also find this area of skin shows the FIRST visible signs of aging and once that happens, its downhill from there you lot!

You don’t need to book yourself in for extreme eye lifts and treatments. Just take the time to apply eye cream’s as early as possible and follow these steps. But do investigate into a solid routine, that includes targeted eye treatment both day and night. You’ll notice a significant difference to your gaze as your eyes continuously look younger and fresher as the years roll by. There are many tips and life hacks you can do to help alongside these products, but we’ll cover those in a future post. For now, we put together our top 5 favourites, which are all available at for your ease.

#1 – Polaar Icy Magic Eye Roll On - £29.50

Icy cool to the skin is this remarkable mid-range roll-on formula. For an extra chill store in the fridge and apply each morning and evening after a full facial cleanse. The roller ball tackles heat in the skin to neutralise and calm, whilst the solution penetrates the area to recharge the skin. The formula contains a handpicked ingredient from the harsh Tundra of Siberia. ‘Siberian Ginseng’ extract is used for its powerful energising, balancing and stimulating properties to skin cells. Concentrated heavily in flavonoids and antioxidants, it restores your skin’s tone, radiance and overall vitality. Tackles all skin imperfections such as: dark circles, puffy and swollen looking eyes to leave the treated area calmer and fresher. It’s pretty much like standing on a mountain top with the wind blasting your face. (Except you’re not out of breath and one man down due to freak avalanches...) – Charge your skin with this patented formula for any inflammation, dark circle and fatigued looking eyes!

#2 – Recipe For Men Under Eye Gel - £24

Coming in second is another great mid-priced product, that brings an advanced and lightweight formula to the skin. It has been created with care, so it is suitable for all skin types, even those who are sensitive. The lightweight solution blends into your skin without any fuss, or residual stickiness. Its patented formula contains herbs, peptides and minerals which have been carefully selected and sourced to ensure maximum results to your skin. You’ll find extracts of Olive which softens the skin around the eye, whilst calming any irritation. Calendula provides a soothing effect and negates redness that makes an appearance. Black Tea has been used for its free radical damage protection and bolsters your skins natural defences. Aloe Vera has been chosen for its universal ability to heal and restore skin. Providing you with more moisture to give your skin that bounce back. The usage of Bupleurum extract, which is a medicinal plant found in china, increase your skins naturally elasticity and reduces fine lines. The formula also contains both a Peptide and Mineral Complex to dive deep into the skins layers to deliver moisturizing and nourishing benefits that revive your skin from within. Minimises any puffiness and tackles hyperpigmentation in the form of dark circles. Recipe for Men have tackled men’s needs with science and chosen specific ingredients to meet those needs. You can achieve an extra chilly and cooling sensation by placing the eye gel in the fridge to keep it crisper when applied to the skin. This instant refresh will depuff any surface layer capillaries that may have naturally swollen. This type of expansion to your natural contour gives the illusion of eye bags that look inflated and puffy.

BullDog Age Defence Eye Roll On – £9

Our most affordable eye roll-on featured is by BullDog which brings simplicity to your routine. Created to leave your skin protected without greasiness, or residual build-up after application. The lightweight solution easily works itself into your skin with the help of your pinky-finger. You’ll find it has a gentle formula which contains botanical extracts of Vitamin E, Sunflower, Echinacea and Rosemary to soothe and calm the skin. It brings forth minerals, vitamins and nutrients, key to your skin’s health and texture. The patented formula is suitable for all skin types and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. It can be used twice a day to revive eyes that look tired and drowsy. The solution is packed full of antioxidants in a complex that deliver a refreshing and nourishing veil to your skin. The ingredients leave your skin smoother, softer and better conditioned if left bare to the elements. We love the price of this one because it is super affordable and still brings with it the results we desire.

ZIRH Revive Under Eye Complex - £75

Our top priced eye product is naturally a heavyweight champion in the eye product game. Of course, if you are serious about your eyes it might be worth looking into what ZIRH can bring to your skin. It contains a luxury formula that uses patented technology to not only dazzle but help maintain your skins overall health and texture. Over a set period you’ll notice considerable differences to your eye area as your gaze is revived and protected. It does contain some science sounding ingredients, but these miraculous elements really give new life to cells that are duller. Dipeptide-2 improve and repair puffiness and dark circles. This is helped by Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone which tackles that dark blue colour of eye bags. It lowers the filtration rate (yes that’s a thing) of oxygenated haemoglobin that surfaces near the top layers of your skin. This reduces that Atlantic blue hue that collects under the eyes. Caffeine is used for its stimulation, acceleration and energising effects to skin cells. Whilst Glycerine maintains hydration levels to keep them optimum and balanced. Lastly, you’ll find Phospholipids that works towards your cell membranes in the ski. Providing better foundation and structural resistance. The formula overall is weightless and melts into the skin. A lot goes a long way, so that extends the longevity of your product. It is fast absorbing and can be used by all skin types, both night and day for best results. Lift, firm and revive eyes that look the complete opposite with a product that will give your visibly different results.

Fit Skincare Eyedrate - £60

Bursting in last with its volumes of Hyaluronic Acid is Eyedrate by Fit skincare. This minimalistic eye serum brings forth science and targeted precision. It is a multi-action solution that hydrates, soothes and repairs the delicate, yet thinner skin around the eyes. Our final more high-end luxury eye product in our list, but one to mention due to its patented formula. You’ll find it contains numerous botanical and natural extracts beneficial to optimising your skins performance around this area of the face. It uses minerals, vitamins and nutrients from the skin-friendly extracts of Lotus Flower and Cucumber. Both potent in the ability to heal, soothe, restore, brighten, rebalance and purify the skin. Dripping with high moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, you’ll find it leaves the skin veiled with age reversing protection. Alongside this, it contains (more science-based terms) Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5 & Oxy-FIT-10. Which in the short run, reduce dark circles and eyebags and fuel skin cell regeneration. Hyaluronic Acid benefits the skin by flooding the cells with high volumes of water. The gel-like compound can hold over 1000 times its own weight in water, which provides dehydrated cells a thirst- quenching relief. This lightweight formula if weightless on the skin and provides protection to the area on your face where natural oils don’t form. Locking in moisture and safeguarding the elements from the day ahead. Its active ingredients make it a brilliant choice to list here for its real skin friendly results. Formulated for all skin types and to be used both day and nighttime.