Man Sunbathing


We know how exciting packing for your summer holiday can be gentlemen.  Nothing beats the buzz of those few days or weeks leading up to your summer vacation.  Whether it’s the standard beer at the airport, ditching your suitcase in the room and heading down to the pool or banter fueled nights out on the town, there is always something to get you in the mood. 

Whilst packing a copious amount of flip flops, t-shirts and that standard pair of jeans, which you never end up wearing is essential.  It is crucial not to let your skin care for men regime drop during this important time. 

In today’s male skin care blog, allow us to guide you through five essential tips to keep yourself and your skin looking fresh, healthy and primed, ensuring sun burn, itchy and flakey skin remains well and truly off your radar. 

The last thing you want fellas is to be held up in bed with tight and sun damaged skin and as we know more than most how guys can get caught up in the excitement of it all, we’re here to show you how you can keep a level head when it comes to looking after your skin abroad.


5 - Apply Products More Regularly

It is fair to say that during intense sun exposure the metabolism of your skin speeds up significantly as well as it’s fundamental processes and functions.  The in turn makes your skin more hungry for essential care.  Whilst it may sound hi-tech, in reality, all that is required is a little bit more application of the good stuff.


Apply sun cream more regularly, remember to moisturise your face, particularly in the morning and at night, and there is nothing wrong with applying after sun twice or thrice during your evening too, during this time of intense care.


4 - Use an Aloe Vera Based After Sun 

Mens After SunsThe caring, protective and regenerative ability of aloe vera can never be under estimated, especially when it comes to male skin’s after care.  Packed with essential goodness, aloe vera based gels or cream, do a fantastic job at restoring your skin’s moisture after a long hard day in the sun.


Remember to take care of every inch of your skin by applying after sun all over and your skin, in turn, will very much thank you for it.  The essentialness of after sun, not only restores your skin’s structure and moisture after a day in the sun, but primes it ready for the following day of equal or more intense exposure.  


Air conditioned rooms may also cause the withdrawal of skin moisture, so it’s essential to pack a couple of bottles for you and that one friend who for the first day or so flies solo in the world of men’s skin care and is desperately left standing in the mirror showcasing devil like skin.


3 - Use a Concealer If You Do Peel

Concealer For MenA little tip perfect for male cosmetic and skin care lovers is the use of a concealer for men.  Despite upholding a perfect skin care holiday regime, you do run the risk of skin peeling.  Areas of continued exposure (most notably the nose) can sometimes begin to flake as your skin’s processes intensify and dead skin cells are discarded.


With the simple application of a men’s concealer, you can even your skin’s surface, camouflage the appearance of skin peeling as well as provide your skin with a little targeted moisture.  Perfect for going out in the evenings, avoid eyes being on you for all the wrong reasons by taking on board the power of this male cosmetic range.


2 - Avoid Scrubs and Long Showers

Avoiding men’s face scrubs is essential.  During this very testing time, you certainly want to avoid abrasive facial scrubs, which can strip away your skin’s natural barriers of defence.  At most, use a lightly beaded face wash, or a cream based male face wash.


The stripping away of limited natural moisture, coupled with the sometimes sore nature of facial scrubs on sun exposed skin can culminate into a holiday disaster.  During this very delicate time, you do not want to speed your skin’s processes up even further, allowing for skin cells to be removed, which before provided a nice and useful barrier.


1 - Use an SPF Sun Screen 

Our final key tip, we know, is very much stating the obvious fellas.  But, finding a sun cream with the correct level of SPF is essential before you even think about digging out your passport.


Fairer skinned gentlemen often reside around an SPF 30 level of protection, whilst those with even lighter pigments should aim for something closer to 50.  The darker your skin naturally is, the lower SPF you can use, however, it is always advisable to start higher at the beginning of your holiday, allowing your skin to adjust to the new climate.


It is a very common myth that using lower SPF sun creams will enhance your tan.  In reality, using a higher level of SPF builds a longer lasting natural tan, avoids premature peeling of your skin and of course, ensures your skin is not left burnt, tight and sore.


So fellas, there you have it.  Five essential skin care tips for men when it comes to jetting off on your summer vacation.  The same processes can be adopted in Britain if we are lucky enough this year to experience a joyful heat wave, somewhere around the end of October.

For now, happy holidays from the MaleSkin team!