It’s that time of year again where I really look to change up my skin care routine. New year, new start and all that! It’s also January and my skin is always a reflection of the current mood around - it’s dull, it’s dreary and it’s desperately in need of some action

That’s why, a couple of weeks back, I turned my attention to House 99's Greater Look Face Moisturiser, in search of some serious ‘skinspiration’. I was essentially looking for a product that would help me and my skin fight those January blues, as well as my seriously hungover post-holiday complexion

I’d heard very little about the House 99 brand previously, as it’s relatively new on the male grooming market. However, anything that’s good enough for David Beckham is certainly good enough for me! So, without hesitation, I decided to give their Greater Look Moisturiser a shot and switch things up from my regular Clinique For Men Moisturising Lotion

The first thing that struck me about House 99’s face moisturiser is the packaging, which I love. It’s stylish, it’s simple and it’s very masculine and ultimately a product that I wouldn’t be hiding away in the depths of my wash bag down at the gym. For an RRP of £22 for 75ml, I think it’s priced well considering what’s currently out there on the market at similar price points

To apply, I began dotting the product around my face in just pea sized amounts, before rubbing it in in circular motions. My first thought was how super lightweight the formula was, as it quickly sunk into my skin and left my whole face looking matte. I’ve used all too many men’s moisturisers in the past that just turn my face into a slippery mess and it’s safe to say that this has been nicely side-stepped by House 99

So, with a hydrated face that was supremely comfortable, I got on with my day! Now normally, it gets to around 4 p.m and my face starts to tighten up and lose its supple feel, but I was pleasantly surprised to still be feeling the same morning effects on my skin well into the afternoon and evening. In fact, it was only around 8 p.m when I started to feel my face tighten and look a little fatigued, which makes the Greater Look Moisturiser all the more impressive

If you’re going to invest your hard earned cash into this product and give your boat race a boost, it’s important for me to let you know what you’re going to get out of it:

First off, you’re going to get a tonne of radiance, which will create the illusion of a brighter and less fatigued complexion

Secondly, it will undoubtedly add energy and vitality to your skin, something that I’ve been witnessing on a daily basis over the past fortnight

Next up, you can look forward to a smoother complexion, that as the days and weeks roll on, will end up making your skin look healthier and more youthful

Finally, if you suffer with uneven skin or even redness, it’s going to bring that under control too. I always tend to flush or go red after my body attack classes and sometimes it takes hours to calm and go back to normal. After using this moisturiser, it’s normally back under control within half an hour, leaving my skin looking rested and revitalised for the rest of my day

Should you take the plunge and give this face moisturiser a shot? Absolutely! You can’t go far wrong. I hope you’ve enjoyed my House 99 Greater Look Moisturiser review and there will be more reviews from the range coming over the coming weeks. I’m testing it all!