Man Sweating With Oily SkinThere are a few things in your life which you want to shine no doubt, your watch, car and style to name but a few.  However, the one thing standing absolutely no chance of making it onto that list is your skin.  Mens skin is up to 23% thicker than women’s and subsequently produces more oil from its pores, for protection and impurity dispersion  amongst other things.  It is with this oil that your face may begin to show greasy and shiny elements, especially throughout your day, as you skin’s natural PH balance breaks down, and excess sebum begins to tighten its grip on your t-zone.


Study MaleSkin’s trusted guide to fighting shocking shine with our shower of handy tips, common skin care mistakes to avoid and product recommendations from our experts.  Your holy bible for all things anti-shine, this week’s skin care for men blog allows you to be the star of the show, without standing out like a saw thumb.


Starting with some good news fellas, oily and shiny mens skin is less prone to the onset of fine lines, wrinkles and general fatigue.  Meaning, on the up side, your anti-wrinkle skin care program can be less rigid and you will still get better results and look younger than men without this skin type, within reason of course...not bad eh?


So, let us start off with some common mistakes made by men when it comes to fighting dirty and unattractive daily shine.  Whilst there is no shame in admitting to trying these techniques in the past, MaleSkin will not allow for any slip ups from here on out.  Make today your fresh start when it comes to a condition you have to learn to control, rather than remove.


Mistake 1 - You do not need to over-wash.  Over-washing, although on the face of it seems like a great idea, it in fact has counter productive effects.  Washing your skin too much, given the nature of oily male skin, leads to it drying out far sooner than normal.  The result?  Your skin produces more oil to re-hydrate itself, and ultimately you are back to square one.


Mistake 2 - Over-moisturising can be your down fall.  Although some male moisturisers take away initial shine from your skin, the build up of over moisturising properties on your skin, means, within an hour you will be pulling your hair out in frustration.


Mistake 3 - Do not confuse it with acne.  If you have naturally oily skin (which is even oilier during puberty) and pimples, a lot of younger men believe them to be two separate conditions.  Whereas in reality, the onset of pimples and acne can in fact be intensified by oilier skin conditions.  If you suffer with both conditions, there are other treatments you can seek for acne or with help from your GP.


Mistake 4 - Do not touch.  Touching your skin constantly with your hands is a definite no no guys!  The oil and dirt present on your fingers throughout your day will begin to worm their way into your already unstable open pores, meaning?  Yes you guessed it, even more oil and debris build up.


Pen and PaperGents, now we have got what you should not do pretty water tight, let’s explore some handy tips from some of the worlds best male skin care experts, which are your holy grail when it comes to shrugging off your grooming grief.


Tip 1 - Go oil free when it comes to a moisturiser.  An oil-free moisturiser for men is certainly your best bet when it comes to getting rid of shine.  Whilst regular moisturising is critical for you overall skin functionality and performance, harboring one with no oil will mean you get the best of both worlds fellas.


Tip 2 - Look out for Matte.  Any skin care for men products which showcase matte ability are certainly going to be right for you.  Matte often means oil-free, however, it can point towards other properties, such as alcohol, paraben and even directly shine free.


Tip 3 - If you are going to use a mens anti-shine, use a product which is transparent (usually arriving in the form of a powder).  Doing so, will guarantee excellent blending and alleviate all the aggravation of trying to get a perfect colour match from a series of coloured anti-shine powders on the mens skin care market.


Tip 4 - Cleanse every single day.  Regular cleansing will optimize your skin’s PH balance for a longer period of time, meaning your naturally oily skin produces less sebum throughout the day.  Whilst it is not an immediate fix to shiny skin on men, regular cleansing will certainly go a long way in improving it.  Avoid alcohol based cleansers as these tend to dry out the skin too much, resulting in your skin’s propensity to extract oil being increased.


Finally gents, let’s begin our countdown of the best oily skin care products for men.  Whilst implementing all of these products into your daily routine is not essential straight away.  For the very best results, we recommend picking up two or three of them and slowly working them into your bathroom workout.


Recipe For Men Facial ScrubRecipe For Men’s Face Scrub is a great product to start your grooming regime off right, when used two to three times per week.  Whilst this is a product not directly formulated  for oily skin types, the regular deep cleaning components built within it, ensure your face remains clean, ultimately meaning less oil is needed for impurity dispersion.


Taylor of Old Bond Street and their luxury cleanser comes in next on the oily skin combat countdown.  Perfect at balancing your skin’s PH level and leaving it thoroughly clean, set the standard in your cleaning routine on a daily basis with this superb product.  Fight shine by hydrating your skin properly with one of MaleSkin’s most popular cleansers for men.


The knock on effects of the third best product for mens oily skin are quite marvelous.  eShave’s shaving cream thoroughly hydrates and protects your skin during your weekly shaving pattern.  Whilst you may be thinking of the relevance of this to oily skin.  The conditions it sets within the skin mean that after shaving your skin doesn’t naturally release an abundance of unnecessary oil as a protective reflex.  The result?  After a morning shave, your can steer clear of obvious glowing cheeks come lunch time and beyond.


Rehab London Mens SkincarePenultimately fellas, Rehab London’s No Shine male moisturiser, in man terms, does quite simply what it says on the box.  An oil-free moisturiser for men designed to counteract oil production in your skin by optimally hydrating it and absorbing a great deal of sebum.  Whilst excellent at closing pores for a more refined and complete finish, there is little surprise that this product has found it’s way into the wash bags of thousands of men who suffer with oily and shiny skin.


Finally, and topping the charts when it comes to dealing with shiny skin is the cosmetic excellence of MMUK MAN and their mineral anti-shine stick.  A transparent formula applied with an attached and easy to use brush:  Apply this product to your face for instant long lasting relief against oily skin and shine.  Designed to blot out sebum, whilst giving your skin a completely natural look, this product ticks all the boxes when it comes to giving your skin care for men program a new line of defence.  


This powder also evens skin tone and takes away shine, whether you use just a daily moisturiser or even cosmetics.  The product everyone has been raving about can now be yours, whilst its tough nature means it will stay resilient all day long under any conditions.


So, there you have it gents.  Four mistakes to never make again, four handy tips to tackle oily skin and our definitive list of products, purposely formulated to be your grooming get out of jail cards...enjoy!