Sun Cream For MenIt was on a guys trip to Cancun Mexico, last year, that I got burnt to an absolute crisp on day one. So, this year gents, I've decided to do a little bit more research and provide you (as well as myself) with some quality information on how to stay protected from the sun if you're jetting off this summer. After the torture of sun burn and losing half of my vacation in bed, I'm still left with the mental, as well as physical scaring of my actions. So, this year guys, with a week away in Ibiza planned next week, I'm certainly not about to make the same mistakes again!


How much sun cream should you apply for maximum protection? Here are my key findings:


Firstly, the level of SPF protection on the bottle is only accurate with a healthy (thick) application that is regularly topped up. Applying once and catching the rays all day, is certainly not going to live up to the measure of protection you think you're getting from your product, so please avoid doing so at all costs.


Secondly, for the best possible protection, apply a fingers worth of sun cream to the face and neck, each arm, each top leg, each lower leg and foot, upper and lower back and upper and lower front. By splitting your application like this, you're not going to forget about any part of your body and risk it falling foul to the sun whilst trying to tan up in the sun.


Men’s Skincare tip: To build a longer lasting tan, gradually decrease your level of protection over the course of your holiday, instead of burning to a crisp and expecting it to turn brown over night.


Always, always, always! remember to apply this amount of sun cream 20-30 minutes before going out in the sun and then again 15-20 minutes after being out in it. From there, reapplying every 2 hours is ideal to keep your level of protection constant and skin's health maintained. If you find yourself sweating, dipping in and out of the pool and drying off with a towel, reapply the same amount to your skin before unwinding with that oh so tasty cold beer. Be very cautious with sun creams that claim to be water resistant, my experience with them isn’t great and this doesn’t give you a licence to stay in the pool protected all day long. Always re-apply!


The list of negative effects associated with excessive sun exposure includes the likes of prematurely aging skin, the onset of freckles, pain, dehydration and skin sagging, so why would you put yourself through it? Don't learn the hard way like I did and if you're planning on a week away in the Med this summer, make sure you go fully equipped. I'm only going to tell you once!