Nickel_Morning_After_Face_GelFor most guys, having a few at the weekend is just one of life's little pleasures. However, trying to avoid that dreaded hung-over look, all too often, makes its way into the nightmares of gents who continually pay the price for a heavy session on the town.


Hung-over skin can last for days, it's a fact! Whether it's the ghastly sight of dark circles and bags, blemishes that definitely weren't that red last night, or just general fatigue that leaves you looking worse for wear, it can all get a little too much. However, the good news is that it can be combated. In our latest skin care blog for men, allow MaleSkin to create the perfect formation of products and tips to help you attack hung-over and damaged skin. Whilst Liverpool have Sturridge and Suarez, you too can adopt one or two grooming powerhouses of your own, to make it truly curtains for those lingering blighters come match day.


The main causes of hung-over skin on men, inevitably boil down to dehydration, toxin build up within the skin and the negative and clogging effects of alcohol within the skin, not to forget, the abundance of chemicals and preservatives pumped into your average pint. All in all, it can just get that little too much. The truth is gentlemen, that by the sheer knowing of the cause you can take big steps towards alleviating damaged and hung-over skin. If however, the fun of having a few pints whilst watching the footie is one that you can't avoid (in which we don't blame you) then there are more targeted treatments and skin care products available out there perfect for you.


So, let's begin as we run you through our key tips to avoid the dreaded ghost face. From at home remedies, products and just the simple things, it's much more easier to keep the party going!


MYEGO_Fonteint_Hydrating_EnhancerOkay, so first off, it's a good idea to have a couple of glasses of water before you hit the hay. Doing so, will offer your skin some much needed hydration and give it a little plumpness, as well as draw away that tight and fatigued look you get upon awakening. Great tip! Restore your skin with vitamins with the help of a vitamin supplement. Not only will it be great for your hangover but will leave your skin looking great.


Next, it's time for great skincare for men to prevail. A face gel is incredibly good for overall fatigue, and can give you a real uplift. If you're having a few heavy sessions night after night, this is definitely the way forward. If you find yourself at a festival, a men's face gel is definitely not to be ignored. Nickel's Morning After Recovery Gel is by far our favourite and replenishes the skin whilst leaving it refreshed, but there are a lot of good alternatives out there for less money. Face gel quickly sinks into the skin and gets to work on restoring its properties.


Next, it's time to cheat the system with a good quality men's under eye concealer. Dark circles and eye bags are an all too familiar sight after a night out and fortunately for you fellas, they can be quelled with such a product. For this, Calvin Klein offer a great natural cover up, but MMUK MAN's is definitely up there with the best too. A little dab under your eye and your contours will appear firmer and fresher, perfect if you're trying to hide last night’s antics from the boss!


Another good tip to get rid of dark circles is by using a men's eye roll on or the classic cucumber technique. Both do a great job at recharging the eyes, perfect, if they need a spruce up before dinner at the in-laws. Another good tip is by putting a spoon in the freezer for an hour and resting it onto your under eye contour for five to six minutes each. The cool sensation is incredibly refreshing and it helps shrink blood vessels, one of the main cause of dark circles and bags.


Polaar_Icy_MagicThe perfect detox comes in the form of a facial steam. A hot bowel of water and a towel can lead to many a good thing and for your skin it's no different. By steaming your face for a few minutes throughout the day you will quickly dislodge dirt and grime, remove the toxin build up associated with drinking and leave your skin looking like you’ve had a peaceful one in catching up on your favourite show.


Light morning exfoliation can work wonders for tired and hung over skin. Giving you the license to get rid of grease, grime and more importantly oil build up from the previous night in the skin, a good face scrub for men helps it quickly get back to equilibrium with the harmful effects all but minimized.


You may have noticed that dull and pale look you get after a bender. If you're tired and washed out then why not add a little colour in your life with MyEgo's tinted moisturiser for men. As cosmetics for men go, this is way up there with the best and has replenishment properties to leave the skin feeling and looking great. A men's tinted moisturiser does a stern job at covering up mild facial imperfections as well as ads just enough coverage to disguise the effects of last night. With a quick application, you can quickly turn tired into tremendous.


So gentlemen, that wraps up today's insight into how to avoid that morning after look. For your perfect get out of grooming jail free card, choose the power of some of these great techniques.