If you’re anything like me and continually bogged down in the confidence stakes because of your acne scaring, you’ll be looking for a quick fire answer. Fortunately gentlemen, with a carefully selected set of men’s cosmetic products, there is. There’s no quick fix unfortunately when it comes to removing acne scaring completely however. You can spend vast sums of money on higher end skin care products and even surgery, but you’ll be given no guarantees.

When it comes to covering acne scars, you can regularly rely on four core cosmetic products: It begins with a makeup for men skin primer, such as the hugely popular MMUK MAN makeup base. Applied evenly to post cleansed skin, this moisturising complex allows your skin to breath and cosmetics to stay in place all day long.

Next, apply a cream to powder foundation for men, such as MMUK MAN’s Pro Finish version. Applied in a gentle sweeping motion from the centre of your face outwards, this coverage cosmetic will create you main layer of cover up and begin to blur our acne scaring.

Application can be tricky, but with a couple of practices, you’ll soon become a pro. After using foundation, you’ll instantly see the benefits of this natural layer of coverage on your skin, with only more defined acne scaring still being visible. For this, use the power of a concealer for men in a dabbing motion to take down these lingering imperfections once and for all and more importantly, stay protected all day long!

Finish things off just nicely with an anti shine powder for men to set your entire look just right. These amazing shine reducers will ensure your skin remains matte all day long, your makeup stays in place and more important than anything, ensures all your products remain undetectable.

Four products that will instantly alleviate your long running grooming concern, choose MMUK MAN for all your men’s coverage cosmetic needs. MMUK MAN also do a unique colour matching service by e-mailing in recent photos to them, or to the guys here at info@maleskin.co.uk.