Having a few drinks down your local of an evening guarantees all kinds of fun. However, what’s not fun is waking up the morning after the night before and being filled with instant regret after looking at your sorry ass in the mirror. Whether you’ve got to rush into work for a meeting, head off to the shops with the missus, or go and meet the folks for a Sunday roast, you’ll no doubt be wondering how you can step outside your front door with your skin in the state it is.

Hungover skin isn’t pretty, fact! Aside from filling your body with a copious amount of booze, excessive alcohol also causes dehydration within the skin, which instantly affects the smoothness, tone and texture of its outer layer known as the epidermis. As most boozy drinks contain toxins too, you’ll also start to notice one or two imperfections crop up throughout your hangover day, something that’s not going to win you too many male beauty brownie points.

However gentlemen, hope is not all lost. With the help of Anthony Skincare, our brand of the month for July, there are a few road blocks you can put in place, as your skin tries to rapidly head towards a hungover and greasy mess. Here are four products from the range that will get your grooming game back on track much sooner than you could have ever imagined.

Anthony Glycolic and Exfoliating Resurfacing Wipes

There’s nothing worse than having a greasy and uneven skin surface when you wake up from a bender and to help you claw back the power in the bathroom are Anthony’s Glycolic Exfoliating and Resurfacing Wipes. These mega-wipes utilize the power of Glycolic Acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, oil and other common impurities from the surface of the skin, helping it to look fresher, soothed and less irritated. These Glycolic wipes also contain a hit of cooling menthol upon application to the skin which will not only help wake up your skin but your mind too.

Anthony All Purpose Facial Moisturiser

Dehydration is one of the biggest factors in underperforming hungover skin and to help you restore the balance somewhat is Anthony’s All Purpose Facial Moisturiser. Perfect for all skin types, this multifunctional men’s moisturiser reduces discoloration and blotchiness within the skin and also smooths and improves your skin’s texture, helping you hide the common signs of a hangover when your boss comes sniffing around for example. Light and quickly absorbed, this vitamin enriched skin saviour promises hydration all day long.

Anthony Wake Up Call

This is where things get serious. Introducing the Wake Up Call hydration gel treatment from Anthony Skincare, a formula that works tirelessly to quite literally wake up your skin after a heavy night and help keep it refreshed long into your day. Fitting like a dream into your hangover routine, Wake Up Call doesn’t spare any punches in bringing your complexion back up to scratch and boasts a blend of Aqua Cacteen and Green Tea to reduce skin puffiness and inflammation. What makes this skin recoverer stand out from the crowd is that it is also infused with caffeine, a well known skin stimulant to firm, energize and recharge your face in an instant. Of course, such a power play product wouldn’t be complete without menthol, to give your skin a fresh and tingly sensation that guarantees to awaken your senses.

Anthony Advanced Formula Lip Balm

Finally, finish off your brand new four-step hungover skin routine with an application of Anthony’s Advanced Formula Lip Balm. it’s not uncommon for lips to become cracked, dry and chapped after an all night session, as your body delicately tries to rebalance its natural hydration levels. In the interim, a quick blast of lip balm will smooth, heal and soothe your lips, making them kissably soft in next to no time.