Man's SmileToday, we switch our attention to good quality oral and teeth hygiene, in order to offer grooming advice on how to bag yourself a champion smile. with our eight easy to follow tips, you'll never maintain your mouth in the same way again. Offering advice on everything from brushing, flossing and what toothpaste to use, take small steps in the right direction now gentlemen, helping you smile with greater confidence in the future.

It all starts with good cleaning, fairly obvious to say, we know. But, by sticking to brushing your teeth for no less than two minutes, twice a day and at a 45 degree angle to their surface, you are really giving your teeth the best chance of success. Remembering gentlemen to change your toothbrush head regularly, once every couple of months or so, and cleaning in small tooth wide strokes, the many benefits you will experience stretch far beyond whitening aspects. White teeth are the result of all round good care and hygiene, so following a good regime will eventually lead to clearer and healthy looking choppers.

It's always good to opt for a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride allows the teeth to store more calcium, resulting in them staying protected for longer and being ultimately stronger. Whilst the short term benefits include a fantastic smile, this will also significantly reduce the risk of needing more dental work further down the line.

When it comes to regular flossing, it's a massive bonus! Aside from dislodging food debris and bacteria, regular flossing in an arch over your gums, inevitably leads to healthier gums and better breath. Remember to hold floss securely around your thumb and forefingers of each hand, before getting down to business.

Cap off your brand new routine in style with a good quality mouthwash. Boasting anti-bacterial benefits, mouthwash is your one stop call to better breath and some studies have even said it helps in the prevention of colds. Next, a tongue scraper or gel is a great way of removing bacteria from the back of your tongue. Do not do this with your toothbrush, as excessive bacteria may be left on your brush. By deploying a good tongue scraper at this stage, you will enjoy all day long protection, as well as being able to kiss that little bit better. win win! Chewing gum isn't just for a night out. Keep topped up throughout the day and aside from smelling great, the lady in your life will simply not be able to get enough.