Tired ManWe all know the feeling – mid-week hits and apart from the fact that the weekend is drawing ever so slightly nearer and Champions League Wednesday’s are very much back, there’s very little else to get you excited.  Unless you have the opportunity to Basque in some midweek shenanigan’s, frequent down to your local for a cheeky pint, or take that girl next door out for dinner, you’re more than likely one of the millions of men suffering from the mid-week blues.  Symptoms of this can include tiredness, frustration and fatigued looking skin.  But, fear not gentlemen!  In today’s skin care for men blog, we’d like to introduce to you some handy tips and products, assisting in making your skin look less tired and far more vibrant.  Shrug off your grooming grief and allow your skin to showcase more energy and vitality with the help of the men’s skin care experts.


WaterWhilst it is proven that men’s skin requires a more intense level of care, as it typically burns more energy and ultimately exerts more pressure onto your grooming regime, you’ll be happy to know that some of the biggest complexion turnarounds in looking less tired, are achieved a lot easier than one would first think.  Whilst we can sit here and recommend that you get your eight hours of sleep per night, sometimes, with the growing pressure placed on the modern man, we know that it is often a lot easier said than done.  A strategy often pursued by not enough men is to drink half your body weight (in pounds) of water per day (converted to ounces).  For example; if you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water per day.  Your natural and enhanced level of hydration will work wonders for your skin and increase its suppleness and smoothness. 


For your skin’s long term health and short term vibrancy, be sure to monitor your salt intake each day.  Intake no more than 480mg’s of salt and your new and improved anti fatigue skin care for men program will be well under way.  Improving your skin’s elasticity, collagen construction, circulation and natural oil barrier are key components which drive a less tired and fatigued complexion.  Achieved by the power of regular exercise, hitting the gym to get over your post weekend depression does not only have positive impacts on your well-being, stress levels and health, but your skin and its refined finish also.


Man ExercisingOur final two recommendations come in the form of changes you can make at home.  Firstly, remember to fully support your head whilst you sleep.  By using good quality pillows (preferably two) you are giving your head and facial muscles complete support so they can fully relax whilst you sleep.  As a result, your skin will begin to look less tired, whilst the enhanced night’s sleep you will be getting acts as a double boost to your skin’s day to day energy.  Secondly, don’t be afraid to target specific tired related imperfections.  By using the anti-oxidant and rejuvenating benefits of cucumber slices over your eyes or a cold tablespoon once or twice a week, you too can quickly tackle dark circles and puffiness,  some of tired looking skin’s worst offenders.


Why not adopt a good number of the above six male skin care recommendations into your lifestyle, along with some of the below products?  In your endless search for skin care for men perfection and grooming fitness, allow us to highlight some of the best players on the anti-fatigue men’s skin care market as you make the vital step up from middleweight to heavyweight in the grooming cauldron.


The L’Oreal Men Expert range of products offers some very good anti-fatigue products, whilst guaranteeing to not break the bank.  Furthermore, whilst one of the biggest names on the market, be careful to not go over the top with the product range.  Stick to a good quality men’s moisturiser and an eye cream, if this is the low cost route you wish to take.


Speaking of eye creams – choose a great quality one as your eyes gents, are often the first thing to buckle if you’re feeling tired and all out of zest.  Choose a good quality eye roll on, or even look into an under eye concealer for men.  Despite it being predominantly a cosmetic product, a good quality concealer can disguise some of your skin’s biggest offenders and leave you looking great – remember to seek advice and make sure it looks masculine.


Finally, Nickel’s range of men’s skin care products has to be the one!  Derived to align with intensive spa treatments for men, the entire range is devoted to making you look fresher and is littered with regenerating ingredients to help tired looking men’s skin.  Our biggest recommendation would certainly go to Nickel as the enthusiasm put in to combating fatigued skin is quite simply unrivaled.