The rise of the beardy beloved man has thrown up a few interesting conundrums in the male grooming courtyard over the past eighteen months or so in particular. Here at MaleSkin, we're approached regularly by gentlemen seeking advice on the best ways to create a soft and succulent kissable beard, especially for their ladies.

Thinking of growing a facial forest but worried about mastering its upkeep? Perhaps you've already put in the hard work and trying to do some last minute softening? Regardless of where you are at gentlemen, our beard experts can help, by pointing you in the direction of a few grooming gods in this arena. To help us, we enlisted the help of Rob, a self confessed beard phonetic, to help you cut your grooming gripe right down to size. Rob, it’s over to you...

First off, and perhaps the most popular way men soften their beards is by deploying a men's beard oil. Richly scented and super smooth, beard oil offers instant softening qualities to men's facial hair, often with just a few drops rubbed in by the palms of your hands. Rub them thoroughly through your bristly beard to go from hero to zero when looking for a healthy and hygienic showpiece.

Alternatively, if you find beard oil's don't really float your boat and they won't for every gentlemen, as they can cause the odd spot, especially in already oily skin types, you may wish to use a beard balm, which is essentially a hair moisturiser for your beard. Again, they come in a great selection of scents to add a really musky smell to your grooming routine - that women simply die for!

To date, there are a few stand out products that really get the pulse racing, in the bathroom at least. First off, Billy Jealousy's Beard Control acts as a super beard moisturiser and turns stubborn stubble and locks into soft uniform strokes of success. This product is so addictive - trust me I know - that you won't be able to keep your own hands off it, as all the hard work well and truly pays off.

When it comes to a beard oil, Men Rock's Jazz Beard Oil is my personal favourite as it's slippery texture gives your beard a matte finish with no shine, unlike some other beard oils, giving you daily perfection, without looking as though you've tried too hard to get it right. Men Rock also do a great Beard Balm that offers great cleansing properties too for your facial hair's long term health.

Until a few months ago, I really struggled to get that Barbour shop feel softens in my beard, but by experimenting with a few products, I've learned how quickly and easily it can be mastered with a little help from the experts.