After a mild October weather wise, I've been battling dry and painful skin in the bathroom, as the temperatures across the country have since massively dipped. In today's skincare for men blog, I've decided to take a fresh approach to my grooming tips, giving you something a little more current and advise you guys on how to make your skin as comfortable as possible nice and quickly.


Dramatic falls in temperatures and a reduction of humidity results in one thing gentlemen, a loss of essential moisture within the skin. With these harsh environmental factors playing havoc with your skin and the sudden changes in air condition, it's not over exaggerating to say your skin will probably be bearing the brunt. After practising with a few products over the past week or so, I've put together a handy quartet of products that have dramatically brought my skin back up to scratch. So, let me share them with you, so you too can kiss troublesome, painful and damaged skin goodbye this Autumn.


Nickel Moisturiser For Dry SkinAfter playing around with a few moisturisers for some days there was one outright winner in terms of instantly refreshing my skin. After applying Nickel's Moisturiser For Dry Skin my face immediately lost it's tightness and transformed to supple smooth planes of freshness. I've used the odd Nickel men's skincare product in the past and have been quietly impressed, but this moisturiser, which claims to bring comfort back to the skin, certainly deserves to be shouted about. There was no flaking or anything detrimental associated with wear and most importantly, my skin seemed to stay supple and hydrated all day long. There's certainly no pain in being vain when it comes to this moisturiser and it comes with my highest of recommendations.


Now I'd mastered my skin, I needed to get control of my lips. The past week or so they had been really sore and nothing is worse than running for your train in the morning in the cold, realising you've forgotten your Vaseline or favourite lip balm. I've only really ever tried a couple, but the best by far that I've used is MMUK MAN's Lip Balm. It cools, sooths and hydrates my lips all day long and has a hint of mint that keeps them feeling tangy fresh all day long. If you're looking for a more conventional lip balm for men, go for Evolution Man's heavy hitter and knock painful lips off their perch, once and for all.


Recipe For Men Body CreamDry and sore elbows, knees and ankles are something I’ve suffered with for a few years now. Whether it's the fact that I naturally suffer with them or i'm doing something basic wrong in the bathroom, I don't know. All that I do know is that a good quality body cream is always a winner. Recipe for Men's Super Smooth Body Cream does just the trick and a simple application before bed leaves my skin feeling fabulous all day long. No more dry and sore elbows thanks to Scandinavian experts Recipe For Men.


Finally, an area so often overlooked by men, who are ever obsessed with grooming, the hands. Especially true if you work in a physical profession, dry, sore and damaged hands always seem to take their toll on your mood. I decided to take back the power and use Henri Lloyd's Hand Cream for a few days to see if it could do the trick and guess what gents? It did! Apply a little hand cream at the end of your routine and your hands will stay fresh and healthy all day long.


For comfortable skin in four simple steps, battle off those Autumn blues with my core skincare recommendations. You can of course mix it up a little if you have a favourite brand, but essentially take these four steps to better looking and wonderful feeling skin.