Man ShavingThe experts here at MaleSkin are regularly quizzed by our grooming faithful about the best ways to remove post-shave irritation. Besides a few tricks, that we've outlined below, the whole basis of shaving success simply comes down to good grooming. Keeping a lid on irritation, pain and redness is actually quite easy and can be achieved by following a few basic rules.


Preparation is key in any male grooming or skincare routine and especially so when it comes to removing shaving irritation. If you're shaving in the morning, make sure you apply a good quality moisturiser or night cream the evening before to fully charge your skin before the rigors of razor time.


It's also a good idea to shave after you bath or shower. The warm water and steam effectively lifts and softens your hair follicles, allowing for an easier razor glide. The softening of your beard or stubble and ease of glide, in turn, puts less stress on your skin and reduces tug and pull, minimising irritation. If you haven't got time to shower or are restricted, a warm flannel over your beard will do the trick five minutes before you go on to shave.


Daily exfoliation may seem like a women's game. But, with more and more men dabbling in this activity, you'd be crazy to not get in on the act! Pre-shave and post-shave exfoliation provides a deadly duo to irritated and angry skin by universally conforming the hair and removing dead skin cells. The result? Yep, you've guessed it, a smoother shave. Better still, post shave exfoliation unclogs pores and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, key factors in smooth and supple skin.


Using a shaving lubricant is essential fellas. Far gone are the days where a simple bar of soap and tepid water would be enough. instead, up your grooming game with a cream, gel or foam for the upmost protection whilst shaving. A good quality lubricant leaves the skin protected and supple and creates a perfect barrier between the skin and razor edge. To get the low down on the benefits of each, check out this grooming blog.


Never use a blunt razor! Apart from the pain, your skin will not thank you for it. Tugging, pulling and a scratchy razor glide is for jokers and gentlemen, you're not one of them.


Finish off with a good men's aftershave balm. These carefully engineered post shave moisturisers are specifically designed to infuse the skin with moisture, rebalance its structure and calm the skin after the stresses of shaving. Think of an aftershave balm as a battery pack. Without it your device is effectively useless and having tired, flat and fatigued skin isn't going to get you on that hot girl's Christmas card list. There are plenty of good men's grooming brands that offer after-shave balms. From Recipe for Men to eShave, there's a calm balm out there to suit every guy.