Man Squeezing Blackheads


From time to time, a lot of men experience blackhead break outs. As for the remainder of gents, continual blackheads just seem to pop up uncontrollably. But fear no more! In today’s men’s grooming blog, we’re going to show you how you can banish blackheads once and for all with various short term and long term techniques, in doing so, fighting off deep and embedded dirt and toxins, which may be affecting your skin’s overall performance and functionality. Firstly gentlemen, it’s worth taking note of the true causes of men’s blackheads. After all, if you don’t know what causes them, how are you ever going to be able to combat them?


Blackheads on men are caused by a backlog of dirt and debris within the skin’s outer layer, compounded further by your skin’s inability to rid itself of excess oil and dead skin cells. If you don’t take fast and regular action, it could be curtains for the rest of your grooming regime and seriously hamper the performance of your skin care products for men, such as moisturisers and serums. Blackheads typically congregate like that unwanted group of house party guests around harder to maintain areas of the face, such as the nose, chin and other facial crevices. With the help of MaleSkin’s carefully selected five popular men’s blackhead treatments and skin care expertise alike, it’s now time for those unwanted guests to RSVP elsewhere, as you become a fully fledged and fully refreshed modern grooming male.


So, without splitting hairs gents, let’s get the low down on five different ways you can tackle and remove blackheads. All of these techniques are primarily designed to dislodge dirt and unblock pores, a crucial factor in your skin care success. Remember to go easy on your skin and in the long run, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that these blighters are well and truly out your life.


The Ideal Way

eShave Face ScrubNothing is ever going to be as highly effective as getting your skin care regime just right with some good quality products. A high performance daily face wash and the twice weekly use of a face scrub will begin the breakdown of dirt and, over time, will begin to dislodge blackhead causing grime. When coupled with daily cleansing and toning, you will really begin to boost your skin’s defensive performance by priming your pores and actively guarding against blackheads forming. These four products perfectly combat excess oil and debris, meaning within 3 to 4 weeks, the amount of those unruly pests will be seriously reduced, if not, nonexistent. Such products are also ideal at tackling those hard to maintain areas of skin, where blackheads tend to form.


Quick Fix 1 – Don’t throw in the towel

Bowl of WaterThe next fix comes in the form of the good old fashioned way. By steaming your face over a bowl of hot water and trapping in the steam using a towel, you are practically forcing your pores open, thus allowing your face to naturally dispose of blackhead causing dirt and grime. Furthermore, this trick also helps dislodge blackheads quicker, allowing them to be easily removed once the boiling water has stopped producing steam. The ideal quick fix before a night out or big meeting, going on to remove blackheads after this method is relatively straightforward. Remembering not to squeeze, cover your fingers in tissue and place two fingertips either side of the blackhead. Gently, using a rocking motion, dislodge the already weekend blackhead until eventually it is removed. Such a method will allow smaller blackheads to be removed, creating a very thorough and more refined complexion – happy days!


Specialist Treatments

There are a number of blackhead specific treatments out there on the men’s skin care market. Sticky strips, glue and specialist formulas are all available to try out, however, in our experience they are not amazingly effective. By all means, go ahead and try one, however, with the time it takes and costs involved in finding the perfect blackhead treatment for you, you can take a different and more effective course of action. Be careful to not be pulled in with clever marketing – the experts really aren’t fans!


Toothbrush and Paste

ToothbrushWhen handled with care, this method can be hugely effective in clearing blackheads. Apply a small amount of toothpaste onto a toothbrush before wetting it with warm water and gently rubbing it onto the affected area of your face. Gently scrub the affected area for a short amount of time and remember to go easy. This shouldn’t be painful. If you’re experiencing pain or irritation it’s time to stop immediately. Be careful and avoid the eye area, especially if your are gently scrubbing blackheads around the nose. Remember to sterilize your toothbrush in hot water after to rid it of any lingering dirt and impurities. Repeat this process daily until your improvements are achieved. If you need further help or advice on this method, please feel free to contact us.


Lime & Salt

LimeMix equal amounts of lime juice and salt and apply the formula directly onto the affected area of skin before leaving it to dry. When the formula has fully dried, remove it with warm water and repeat the process daily until the affected area has improved. This formulation does a great job at dislodging dirt and the salt acts as a natural exfoliant.

So gentlemen, there it is. Five various techniques to finally rid your skin of blackheads for good. From the pre night out treatments to give your face a lift, to the longer term techniques, assisting in a more secure guard against the up rise of blackheads, it’s not quite time to call for a grooming SOS.