Mens Nose Hair TrimmerMen’s nasal hair! Apart from cropping up when you least want or expect it, the pure sight of it is enough to turn yourself off, let alone the opposite sex. In today's male grooming piece, we'll be explaining to you how to remove nasal hair quickly, safely and effectively. Growing at approximately 0.4mm each day, it's important to quickly get to grips with maintaining good health in this area, as successful maintenance is key to bagging yourself a champion look.


Preparing for a big date? Perhaps a night out on the town? There are three methods you can use to quickly get rid of nose hair as a man, with each being outlined below:


Using Nasal Scissors

Using nose hair scissors are a quick solution, especially good if you're pressed for time. Curved at the edges to ensure maximum safety, these little tools can quickly trim and control hair, when clipped back to the base. It's very important to not use nail scissors as you seriously risk cutting or irritating the very delicate skin around your nasal hair.


Using A Nasal Trimmer.

Electric trimmers are again a great way to remove nose hair as a guy. Personally my favourite, as they are safe and effective, and once you are in the routine, trimming alongside your shaving routine will allow you to queasily stay on top. Ranging between £9.00 and £30.00, men's nasal hair trimmers are a wonderful little tool in upgrading your grooming standards for good.



Sometimes curling the toes at the thought of actually going through with it, waxing is also an option to remove nasal hair, either at home using a DIY kit or at a male beauty salon. This method of removal is by far the most effective, lasting up to 3 weeks, but unfortunately the most painful, as it quite literally rips hair away at the roots. If you do however fancy giving it a go, remember to follow the instructions carefully, with most removing the hair with a quick downwards yank of an applicator, after leaving the wax to settle for one to two minutes.


There's no definitive reason why as men age nose hair comes to the forefront. But, some have linked it to testosterone levels. If you're an aging man wishing to get his grooming habits back on track then take a look at some of the ways you can combat and keep on top of nasal hair for a brighter bathroom future.