Billy Jealousy Anti Redness MoisturiserThis week's customer query came from James, who was seeking advice on how to tackle nose redness, inflamed skin and continuous pore enlargement across his t-zone. With a little bit of guidance from our experts, check out what we advised and how you can similarly take advantage of some core products, if you find yourself stuck in the age old battle of fighting Rosacea and nose redness.


Firstly, stick to your current moisturiser if this is doing you well for you. You could perhaps try Billy Jealousy's Anti Redness Moisturiser, but I don't want this e-mail to sound like a sales pitch, as some of the products are a little pricey. Simply let it settle in for a few moments, before applying MMUK MAN's foundation. If you need help choosing the right tone, feel free to send me in a recent photograph and I can advise of the correct shade to best suite your skin shade. However, the general rule is, pale skin suits the N4 colour, Caucasian skin is ideally suited to N5 and slightly tanned skin matches N7.


MMUK MAN Concealer TrioYou may also want to experiment with a BB cream too, as well as the foundation, as this offers both the coverage element of foundation, but balances it even better with calming properties for the skin. These are especially good for all day long protection against redness and Rosacea. If so, BRTC's Mae BB cream would work best for you and it also comes in one universal shade suited for all skin tones.


Finally, apply a little concealer over your affected area, after you have applied your foundation or BB cream. This will act as a guard to cover up all day long too and will seriously minimise the appearance of flare ups.


Because flare ups can be different intensities, getting MMUK MAN's concealer trio will mean you can balance out the effect of them really well. For example, mild days of Rosacea can be balanced out with the shade closest to your skin tone and heavier redness days can be balanced by applying a lighter shade of concealer. I recommend instant neutrals in this concealer for you.


If you have any grooming concerns that you think we should cover, get in touch with us and we will do all we can to help.