Man Treating Rough SkinRough patches, bumps, nicks and dry areas on your face can all culminate into one thing gents, skin out of form. Thankfully, in today's men’s skin care blog, we've called upon our team of experts to deliver to our trusted fellowship some key tips and products to use in order to eliminate rough and damaged skin. Smooth and healthy looking skin needn't just be one of those features you endlessly crave after checking out your standard monthly muscle mag. Instead, take the reins in your very own grooming voyage and deliver true success to your complexion, whilst in the mean time, eliminating those confidence damaging blighters.

Having rough skin fundamentally reduces the likelihood of having a smooth and healthy complexion. Whether it's the heat of summer, the damaging debris of those winter months, not enough exercise or your general health, the truth is gentlemen, there are more than you care to remember factors that can affect how good you look. In today’s male beauty blog, we're going to highlight five series of products which you can adopt to turn your skin's performance right back around and finally get rid of those confidence crippling imperfections.

If that wasn't quite enough gents, allow the carefully and strategically put together MaleSkin team to point you in the right direction of a handful of products which can be more than just your wingman when it comes to RSVP’ing for that big Saturday night out. Finally, we'll look at some key tips to work into your day to day life, which will help you tackle rough and damaged facial skin, allowing for a vibrant and radiant man to come shining through.

Recipe For Men CleanserSo gentlemen, without further ado, dust off the notepad from the kitchen worktop and get ready for a serious style upgrade when it comes to your men’s skincare workout.

Despite nature playing a huge part in how your skin looks and performs, by adopting a good skin care routine for men you can certainly turn its progress around. By completing such a routine twice per day, in next to no time you can be left with a huge smile on your face as you reveal truly smoothed and refreshed skin.

Firstly, allow us to introduce to you the power of a men's cleanser. Daily cleansing removes deep embedded dirt within the skin and in turn alleviates the appearance, definition and feel of bumps and rough areas of skin. Furthermore, and perhaps even more vitally, regular cleansing as a man creates a smoother complexion by creating an enhanced guard against the formation of new bumps and imperfections. Aside from tackling common facial imperfections, cleansing is your first essential step of three to controlling rough and hard to manage complexions.

The second essential step in removing rough skin is daily toning. Completed immediately after cleaning, regular toning brings about a whole host of benefits to allow your skin to look refined, revitalized and more masculine. Designed to firm and tighten skin pores, toners come in all wonderful shapes, sizes and formulations. By actively closing pores after the interrogation of exfoliating and cleansing, you should be adopting one of these to give your skin that fully HD look, effectively pulling the plug on large, rough and infected pores.

Vitaman Mens Face MasqueNo good cleansing and toning regime would be complete without good post miniaturisation. Designed to intensely nourish and hydrate men's skin, dry patches, irritated areas and flaky, a good quality men’s moisturiser ensures such skin problems are instantly eliminated, bringing with it an end to rough skin as a modern day man. The cornerstone to modern day grooming, cleansing, toning and moisturising, aid perfectly in your skin’s recovery and set the scene for your skincare future.

The following two series of products should be adopted on a weekly cycle when it comes to reducing rough skin on men. A good quality exfoliator contains micro beads, which when rubbed in a circular motion, remove further deep embedded dirt, improve micro circulation and generally create a brighter skin surface. As this form of skin care product tends to be very intrusive, stick to exfoliating twice per week and remember to rinse your face thoroughly.

Finally, remove rough skin with an intense weekly treatment using a men’s face masque. A targeted treatment against rough and imperfection prone skin, crank up the volume on your skin's slickness with some great brands available out there in this sector. Designed to minimise pores, create a brighter and glowing complexion and smooth out your skin tone, the simple fact remains gents that a 15 to 25 minute treatment whilst watching your favourite movie can well and truly make all the difference.

What to buy:

Recipe For Men's Facial Cleanser is a hugely popular product when it comes to removing rough skin. Available at most online skincare for men stores, this powerful performing grooming hit works wonders at cleaning deep dirt, toxins and debris, especially for men over 30. A luxury men's cleanser that will suit your needs just right!

Rehab London offer you their No Shine moisturiser at a great price of just £14.00. A lightweight, non greasy formula that contains super-charged ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin, assisting in dry and flaky skin removal.

BullDog Face Scrub falls at the lower end of the male exfoliators market in terms of price, but more than holds its own in terms of performance. This natural exfoliator for men works wonders at budging rough skin and creating a supple and soothed finish.

Vitaman's Face Masque for men is an intense skincare treatment for men that drives home anti oxidant power to rid your skin of common facial imperfections, such as blackheads, blemishes and spots. Actively guard against imperfections and damaged skin with a weekly treatment of this true grooming master class.