Bolin Webb RazorRazor burn is a grooming concern barging its way into more and more of our lives. Here at MaleSkin, we are regularly contacted by gentlemen seeking advice on how to tackle this common grooming problem. Whilst growing excessive facial forests might not be on the grooming radar of every man, sometimes it's a last resort, as facing such skin trauma, for most, is just too much to handle.

If you're red, irritated and patchy, it's a good idea to give your shaving a break for a few days/weeks, to help your skin adequately recover. Whilst regular shaving is good for ridding your skin of dead skin cells and offering it appropriate exfoliation, over doing it can be a complete turn off guys. Tender skin, pain and excessive heat are not traits going to make it onto your skin care hit lists, so balance it out and tackle it head on with a little help from the male grooming experts.

Remember gentlemen, it all starts with you. We recommend starting with a nice steamy shower. A hot and steamy shower will begin to soften your skin and more importantly, hair follicles, resulting in less tension and friction on the skin when it's time to deploy your razor.

Recipe For Men After Shave BalmNext, it's time to lather up using a shaving brush or our personal favourite, a genuine Badger Hair Brush. Apply shaving cream to the brush and apply it in circular motions around your beard. Doing so, will help hair follicles stand on their end and inevitably allow you to generate an even layer of shave cream, resulting in a nice even cushion between your skin and razor.

Other little tactics often deployed by our male following is to regularly replace your razors, always go along the grain of your facial hair growth and always remember to reapply shaving cream to areas of your face where your hair grows thicker. Whilst your neck hair and moustache may only need one coat of shaving cream, your side burns especially are areas well worth a reapplication during your shave, to help eliminate razor burn thoroughly.

When it comes to finishing off your shave in complete style, rinse your face with cold water, resulting in the closing of your pores and pat dry your shaved skin with a towel, rather than rubbing. Finally, deploy the use of an after shave balm to add cooling and calming elements to your grooming routine. By making a few changes now guys, forever reap the rewards as you bid and succeed for completely enhanced and razor burn free complexion.