Billy jealousy Anti Redness Male MoisturiserAre you facing a festive hangover in the bathroom? Perhaps red, irritated and patchy skin has finally taken its toll in recent weeks? Unfortunately gents, the combination of alcohol and spice rich food consumed over the Christmas season, along with the sudden drop in temperatures that swept across the UK in December, will no doubt be causing you all kinds of grooming grief.


Acne, Roascea and simply swollen blood vessels are often very prominent this time of year and these acne like eruptions, which may also feature small spots across your t-zone and cheeks, certainly need a little attention. In today's male skin care blog, we'd like to introduce you to a couple of products out there that can certainly help in bringing your skin immediately back up to scratch.


But first, a few facts: It's important to know the triggers behind your inflamed skin, these can include stress levels, sunlight exposure and something as simple as chlorine levels in your local pool. Whilst alcohol and spicy food are heavily linked to the up rise is such conditions, learning your long term triggers can be a great way of cutting troublesome skin out of your life once and for all and giving your complexion a much needed boost.


There are also medications that you can take, so if your condition continues to take its toll on your well-being, we would highly recommend seeking the advice of your GP. Another treatment that has also been known to work is Omega 3 fish oil capsules. Get your hands on some of these and you may just be surprised at the results!


The first product we'd highly recommend trying is Billy Jealousy's Anti Redness Moisturiser - a vitamin enriched daily moisturiser that has unrivalled calming properties, designed to last all day long. Next, Recipe For Men's Energising Bronze Cream, ads a hint of colour behind it's moisturising properties to even your skin tone and completely rebalance your skin's appearance. BRTC also boast a BB Cream For Men that offers similar calming, coverage and healing properties. So, if cosmetics for men are something you are interested in trying then this is definitely one to look at.