Giving your face the wash it deserves sounds like a fairly straightforward men’s grooming ritual right? Wrong! You’ll be surprised by the amount of men who still fail at the first hurdle of modern day skin care, but thankfully for you guys, MaleSkin are here to step in. It’s crucial to follow a certain set of rules, when it comes to appropriately cleansing your boat race and if you don’t, you’re really opening up your complexion to a greater risk of dryness, irritation and breakouts. The not so ugly truth is gents, the less complicated you make your twice daily face wash, the better off you’ll be. By following the below six crucial steps to a successful wash, you can start your grooming routine as you mean to go on.

It All Starts With Cleansing

Using your body wash, shower gel, or a bar of soap to clean your face is an absolute no go and the number of men who still undergo such a practice is scandalous. Aside from causing dryness and irritation, these products often contain fragrance and artificial colorants, that can have long term damaging effects on your skin. Instead, stick to good grooming with the use of a gentle men’s facial cleanse. These face care specialists are built for this area and will calm and hydrate, whilst destroying dirt, unblocking your pores and removing excess oil and toxins from deep within.

Containing Kaolin Clay and Volcanic Ash, Jack Black’s Deep Dive Facial Cleanser is a powerful men’s face care product, that grips onto and draws even the most embedded dirt from within the skin. It’s free of fragrance and alcohol and as a result, it won’t strip the natural moisture from within your skin and result in more oil being produced. Built for normal and dry skin types, Billy Jealousy’s White Night Gentle Daily Cleanser contains Papaya Extract and Rosemary Leaf, to break up dead skin cells from within the skin and fight those blemish causing debris, that gradually build up throughout your day. Clarins Men’s Exfoliating Cleanser is an option for men with oily skin types and effectively strips away excess sebum from deep within the skin, whilst creating an optimal anti-drying environment. Containing micro beads that effectively cleanse, using this option will guarantee that your face glows in all the right ways. Finally, and by far our most popular, MMUK MAN’s Facial Cleanser is made up of pure botanicals that efficiently unblock pores, remove dead skin cells and grime and promote new skin cell turnover, which all combine to create a refined, even and enhanced skin surface. What makes this cleanser so popular is its ability to suit every skin type and generate a completely revitalized and clear complexion. In truth, all of these men’s facial cleansers give you great options.

Make The Product Work For You

When you’re applying your chosen facial cleanser, work it into a good foam in your hands, before applying it thoroughly and evenly to your face. Make sure you don’t neglect the hair line, neck, ears and facial hair when you’re gently rubbing in your cleanser, as all of these areas are prime real estate for those blemish causing blighters that otherwise go untouched. With twice daily cleansing, you’re really able to stay on top of the challenges thrown at your epidermis, by all the nasties that the environment has to offer.

Water, Water, Water

When it comes to a good face wash, it’s always advisable to use lukewarm water. A lot of guys still stick to the extremes, believing that hot water will open up their pores and unblock dirt, whilst cold water will wake up their skin and fight a dull complexion. In reality gents, neither are true. Washing with water that is too hot will allow vital moisture to escape your skin and splashing cold water on your face will in fact, close your pores and lock in debris and toxins. Stick to warm water and you can’t go far wrong.

Play In The Right Zones

When washing your face, remember to think a little strategically. If you have areas of your face that are blemish prone or suffer from heavier acne breakouts, save those areas until last, this will make sure you’re removing all off those intruders effectively, rather than spreading them around your entire face. When you shower, be sure to wash your face at the end, as the steam from your shower will have plenty of time to naturally open your pores and you’ll also remove any shampoo and conditioner that’s dripped onto your face during your shower. Navigate yourself around your face effectively and you’ll forever reap the rewards.

Deploy A Good Facial Exfoliator

As good a daily facial cleanser is for your skin, once or twice a week you may need to call in the big guns. These come in the form of a facial exfoliator for men, or put simply, a face scrub. Using these a couple of times a week will give you the opportunity to strip away any build ups that aren’t budging with daily cleansing and toning. A very common mistake made by men, when it comes to exfoliating, is that they press too hard on the skin, thinking that this will help budge the baddies. Unfortunately this is not the case and by following the same gentle approach in application, you’re allowing the scrub to do all the hard graft, whilst keeping the health of your skin firmly intact.

Treat Yourself To A Cleansing Brush

One addition to the men’s grooming market of late are electronic facial cleansing brushes. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read up about their benefits, make sure you do and if you’re serious about your skin care, it will prove to be a very worthwhile investment. Electronic Cleansing Brushes, such as Clinique For Men’s Sonic Purifying Cleansing Brush effectively cleanse your skin and help to leave it fresh, clear and squeaky clean.

Rinse Thoroughly

The final step to a good face wash is thorough rinsing. Most men often overlook this small but crucial step to avoiding further breakouts. Concentrate specifically on the jawline and hair line as these are common areas that often trap excess product. By giving your skin a thorough rinse and pat drying with a clean towel, you can celebrate a fully enhanced and 21st century face wash in style.