There's a men's makeup brand that is causing an awful lot of waves in the beauty market - namely MMUK MAN. A makeup brand designed to make men's makeup more acceptable in the modern beauty world. In this week's blog, we caught up with founder Alex Dalley and asked his a whole heap of questions about how the brand is going, what inspires him and where the world's number one male makeup brand is heading. Check out what he had to say.

What can you tell me about yourself?

I am a 30 year old dad of three, who is registered blind. I suffered with acne as a teenager and after University I decided to create a makeup brand devoted to men.

What was your first job ever?

I began working in retail at the age of 18 in a men’s store.

Do you recall your first approach to beauty?

I was getting ready for my high school prom and my skin was so bad, my mum suggested putting makeup on my face. It instantly looked great and I was hooked.

Where did you find your love for beauty?

Whilst still a teenager, I began experimenting with products that could improve my skin condition and my love grew fast from there.

How and when did you start your beauty line? What gave you the necessary drive to create it?

I began the beauty line in 2012. My drive was to make men’s makeup acceptable and s there were no brands out there designed for men, I decided to focus on this gap in the market.

Was it difficult to position your brand in a market that focuses mainly on women? Do you think this is going to change in the near future?

Initially, with the focus on the women’s market being so heavy, it was difficult. However we quickly found our customer groups and targeted them. As gender fluidity rises, it may change, but I think men still deserve our moment.

With huge brands like Chanel, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, just to mention some, creating their own makeup collections exclusively for men, do you think this opens the panorama for new emerging brands?

I definitely think so. With high profile brands getting on the bandwagon, I think more brands will be created, further raising the profile of the men’s market.

I personally consider you as one of the pioneers of grooming for men, do you think of yourself as one?

I don’t think I’m a pioneer as makeup has been around for centuries and if you look back in history, men have used makeup for many many years. However, I have a passion for making men feel comfortable wearing makeup. I will continue to work hare to break down the boundaries of beauty.

How does the idea of creating new products come to you?

I always experiment with new products and trends and when I feel the time is right for a new product, or there isn’t a product available that men can work with, we go to the research and development team and get to work.

How do you choose the ingredients for your products?

We source them from the finest supply chains and work through the benefits/risks of each one to create a suitable formula. We also focus on minerals and acids that can be kind to the skin and help specific conditions.

Do you plan to keep expanding your portfolio of products?

We always look to develop new products as the beauty industry changes. We will never stop.

How do you choose the brands on your site?

We choose them bases on price points and quality. If men can benefit from them then and we currently don’t have a similar product, we will always be open to work with these types of brands.

What advice would you give to young people who dream about creating their own brand?

Follow your passion, instinct and expertise. Be your own visionary and build something great within the rules and guidelines. Create a legacy and feel the energy everyday from customers wearing/using your products. The rest will follow.

And for those who want to start using makeup and skincare products for the first time?

Start off slowly, develop. Start with just few products and enjoy experimenting. Experiment at home and don’t be afraid to look for resources that can help such as Youtube videos and blogs.

How would you define or describe MMUK?

A modern brand looking to make men’s cosmetic use more acceptable.

What does makeup represent in your life?

It’s my life and soul. I feel it and I breathe it everyday. For me and my family, our business is everything.

Last but not least, what does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is all about confidence. No-one should ever wear beauty products for somebody else or to try and impress someone. Beauty should drive your own confidence and make you feel happy. If you’re not smiling after applying products such as ours then take a step back and make sure to accept yourself before letting beauty in.