One of the most high performance skin care brands on the market are Dermalogica. With over 70 premium quality products on offer, there’s not too many male grooming brands out there that can rival them. One of the increasing trends on the men’s market is more guys investing in complete Skin Care Kits to achieve a full A-Z regimen, leaving no stone un-turned on the way to better-looking and healthier skin. In our latest men’s skin care blog, we’ve picked out 8 of the best skin care kits from Dermalogica and given you a nice introduction to each one below. Discover what kit could help you put your best face forward ahead of Autumn.

Age Smart Kit

Dermalogica’s Age Smart Kit contains 5 premium members of the Dermalogica family which work as a full regime to tackle mature skin. For those struggling with pre-mature ageing and skin that is showing signs of unevenness and fine lines, this pack will assist in blocking biochemical triggers that lead to these. We are all going to age, there is no stopping time. However, Age Smart uses patented formulae to work with your skin to tactfully slow down pre-mature aging and help to keep your skin in its prime optimal state. Inside the pack you’ll find the powerful.

Skin Resurfacing Cleanser (30ml)

MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque (15ml)

Antioxidant HydraMist (3ml)

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 (10ml)

MultiVitamin (5ml)

Lip Renewal Complex (sample)

This gluten-free set contains no parabens, artificial colours and fragrances and is made vegan too. Following a 5-step regime in the order above will enhance each products performance on the skin when used. A creamy and rich exfoliating cleanser rids the skin from debris and bacteria, whilst a masque penetrates deeper for a more targeted treatment. Douse your skin and quench its thirst with this convenient mist. Apply this powerful firming SPF moisturiser and eye firming complex to provide you face a shroud of botanical goodness. This whole set treats visible signs of aging, tackling skin that is lacklustre and needs firming. It leaves it smoother, more hydrated, battles age spots and provides skin that is notably more youthful and heathier.

UltraCalming Skin Set

Sufferers of sensitive skin types, this one is for you. Dermalogica’s hand selected set contains 4 super kind-to-the-skin products with gentle formula to work with sensitive skin types. For the relieving against irritation, inflammation and reactive skin flare-ups, which are prone to those with sensitized and sensitive skin. This beautiful set contains.

UltraCalming Cleanser (50ml)

UltraCalming Mist (50ml)

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate (10ml)

Calm Water Gel (10ml)

Paraben-free, artificial colour and fragrance-free, gluten-free and made vegan. This botanical set uses calming and soothing natural extracts to treat your skin. Gently cleanse your skin with this cream-based cleanser. It strips away grime for the skin, whilst retaining a natural balance in your skin. The soothing and cooling spritz quenches your skin and the potent antidote enriches your skin deeply without causing flare-ups. Lock in hydration and all that botanica goodness using the weightless water-gel moisturiser. Providing you with tactical protection all day long. The set helps calm and manage your skin and minimise any irritation. It fortifies your resilience and negates triggers that cause sensitivities on the skin.

PowerBright TRx Treatment Kit

A triple-threat treatment hand selected by Dermalogica’s arsenal of botanical formulae to brighten the skin. This set includes the amazing.

C-12 Pure Bright Serum (10ml)

Pure Light SPF50 (10ml)

Pure Night (10ml)

Three targeted solutions feature Dermalogica’s PowerBright TRx formula that encourages healthy skin. These patented pieces work in sync to illuminate the skin and target factors that trigger and contribute to unevenness in your skin tone and pigment-related skin abnormalities. The solutions help minimise discolouration in the skin and imperfections such as brown spots. The formula uses a patented science to safeguard and boost resilience for future pigmentation issues to come. Your skins tone will be rebalanced and even, and more radiant. This travel friendly set works with you, for you to promote more healthier and skin that glows naturally.

Meet Dermalogica Kit

New to Dermalogica? Well this is the kit designed for all newbies to the brand. You must start somewhere, and we’ve created this kit to introduce you to the brand. This kit gives you a skin wow factor and showcases some of the patented formulas in these selected products. You’ll find inside.

Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)

Daily Mircofoliant (13g)

Multivitamin Power Firm (5ml)

Skin Smoothing Cream (22ml)

This set includes a full routine to follow, to touch base with how Dermalogica works. As a #1 skincare destination and company worldwide, its useful to see what Dermalogica has to offer. Start of with this beautiful cleanser that removes surface impurities and grime from the face. It creates and rich foaming lather that works deep to give you clear skin. Next up a daily exfoliation that is gentle and firm, at rebalancing surface texture. This polisher actively smooths out the skin leaving it soft to the touch. Use the soothing vitamin complex to provide a nutrient rich formula to the eye area, whilst the smoothing moisturiser provides day long protection and encourages your skins natural resilience to strengthen. A hydration locking blanket will cover the skin to help promote more moisture rich, bouncier skin. The set is made vegan and gluten-free too, without the use of parabens and artificial colours and fragrances. So, its kind and safe to the skin. This set is the best way to introduce yourself to the brand. With a huge arsenal of skincare products to choose from, the pressure is off you in this easy to use set.

Breakout Clearing Kit

A clear way to breakup the acne. Dermalogica’s 3-piece set includes Clear Start products to tackle breakouts on the skin quickly and effectively. The set is affordably excellent for those who want to banish their stubborn imperfections. You’ll find inside.

Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash (2.5oz)

Breakout Clearing Booster (0.34oz)

Skin Soothing Hydrating Lotion (1.0oz)

Easy to use and follow, start with the foaming wash to cleanse the skin and clear oils from the surface. This foaming wash creates a thick lather to defeat grime and leave your skin squeaky clean. Once your skin has been washed, use the booster to eradicate breakout-causing bacteria that lurk in the skin. The booster uses a patented formula with botanical elements to provide an astringent-style veil of protection to the skin. Afterwards follow up with the hydrating lotion. This moisture locking in solution is lightweight to the skin and assist you against discomfort and dryness caused from cleansing your skin. It traps moisture to give you more elasticated and firmer skin, whilst tackling the bacterial assault that leads to breakouts and the cause of future attacks. This set is all vegan and gluten-free. You’ll find it also is free from any use of parabens, artificial colour and fragrances and is kind to the skin. The travel-friendly size ensures it easy to transport around and makes it a great option if you are away from home. The oil-controlling set can be used daily (both a.m. + p.m.).

Daily Glow Duo Kit

A great duo to add to your skincare regime. With patented formulas to give you clean and brighter skin every day. Dermalogica’s duo set contains.

Precleanse Balm (15ml)

Daily Microfoliant (4g)

These travel size products are perfect to slip into a bag and go with your whilst you are away from home. They are made using a vegan and gluten-free formula. You’ll find they are also created without the use of skin-irritating parabens and artificial elements (colours & fragrances) too. The Precleanse Balm is used to remove build-ups of oil, sunscreen, residual products, makeup, dirt and bacteria. It does this by dispersing the build-up on the skin without clogging your pores. It tackles congestion to leave your skin clearer. Using Daily Mircofoliant will polish your skin and rebalance your skins surface texture. This encourage skin cell turnover and removing the build up of dead skin cells will allow new skin to emerge and grow underneath. The exfoliant comes in a powder format, but quickly transforms with wet hands to create a thick creamy paste. Massage and scrub your skin and rinse thoroughly to reveal brighter and more even skin. This double duo can easily be worked into a skincare regime you follow to boost your skins health and performance.

Transform by Night, Glow by Day Kit

A beautiful 4-piece selection of Dermalogica’s formulated products to work through the night and leave you glowing by day. This set comes with an additional tool to enhance the regime further to give yourself the best-looking skin possible. The kit contains Dermalogica’s gluten-free and vegan.

Precleanse Balm (90ml)

Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)

Stress Positive Eye Lift (25ml)

Sound Sleep Cocoon (50ml)

Working in chronological order, the paraben-free and artificial colour, fragrance free products provide a double cleansing regimen to the face and aid in de-puffing and energising the skin around your eyes. To start the Precleanse Balm provide a great cleansing sweep to the face to breakup residual products (moisturisers, sunscreens), make-up, oils and dirt. This tackles congestion on the skin brilliantly, without clogging up your pores. The Special Cleaning Gel creates a rich foamy lather to strip the face from impurities and leave you skin squeaky clean. Next up comes the duo Stress Positive Eye Lift cream and Sound Sleep Cocoon combination to lock in hydration and enrich the skin. These products work at transforming your skin when skin cell turnover is at its prime. Wake up to reveal, brighter and more radiant skin.

Smooth Skin Favourites Kit

A triple-set threat by Dermalogica’s top sellers. These three powerhouses cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the skin in a botanical sweep. The set contains patented formulae to work with your skin, to enrich it and treat it deeply. Encouraging the best state for your skin to give you a complexion that you can smile about. Inside this impactful set you’ll find.

Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)

Daily Mircofoliant (15g)

Skin Smoothing Cream (15ml)

Start off with the fact Dermalogica has created these formula’s gluten-free and free from artificial colours, fragrances and parabens. No nasty skin irritant-inducing elements, only kind to the skin botanicals, to provide the top active transformation to your skin. Use the Special Cleansing Gel to create a rich lather to rid the skin of impurities and grime. It will strip the bad, without over drying the skin to leave a cleansed base to build upon. Daily Mircofoliant is then worked into the skin to gently polish the surface texture and even out uneven skin. Breakdown and slough of dead skin cells to encourage newer skin to form and grow underneath. Your skin will become brighter over time with a natural glow, as blood can circulate throughout your skin tissue easier. Rinse off with warm water and once your skin is damp apply the Skin Smoothing Cream to lock in moisture to the skin. Allow yourself all day protection from this enriching moisture that firms the skin and reduces fine line formations across the skin. You can use this moisturiser twice a day to ensure continuous moisture levels are optimal for the skin. This wonderful set transforms your skin to reveal smoother consistencies across your skins surface. You’ll notice how considerably soft to the touch you skin becomes after using Dermalogica’s triple-threat Smooth Skin Favourites kit.