Personalised grooming and lifestyle delivered to your door. That’s the slogan of Toppbox, the latest men’s subscription box service that’s sweeping the country. Created to help modern men look their very best every day, Toppbox’s mission is simple, to find the right products for your routine to enhance your grooming game and signature scent.

I was fortunate enough to meet Toppbox last week, in order to get the low down on exactly what their unique service offers, as well as understand some of the key benefits their customers can take advantage of by signing up! I’m absolutely delighted to share some of my thoughts in this week’s men’s skincare blog, along with picking out some of my favourite products they’ve included in their recent boxes.

Having featured in Men’s Health, GQ and Esquire, it comes as no surprise to me that Toppbox have gone from strength to strength in recent months and soared up the charts of subscription services for the modern man. Their packaging is simplistic, effective and clearly designed for the growingly grooming obsessed alpha male.

What struck me most about the service that Toppbox offers is that each box contains a leaflet, outlining important information on the products inside, including ingredients, application tips and where you can purchase the products from, should you wish to include them in your long term grooming regime.

In a hugely competitive men’s beauty market where the big players are entering and expecting a larger slice of the pie, Toppbox instead introduces its subscribers to unique, sometimes quirky and predominantly British made products, that you wouldn’t find clogging up the shelves of your local pharmacy or supermarket and it’s a massive amen to that from me!

With each subscription box comes a whole new array of grooming goodies, including skin care, shaving essentials and even hair and body products, specifically designed for men. If you’re relatively new to the world of men’s grooming, or if you simply love trying a wide range of different products, then with Toppbox, it’s unlikely that you’ll turn back to shopping for products in a conventional way again.

Now, I would normally be very cautious when it comes to subscription box services, simply because so many implement hidden cancellation clauses or require you to sign up for a certain length of time. However, with Toppbox, there’s none of that. You can suspend, restart or completely cancel your subscription service simply by logging into your account and managing it from there, with no worries of a back lash from red tape enforcers in customer services.

Getting started is simple too! All you need to do is create an account and fill in your grooming profile, before hitting the not so scary subscribe button and eagerly awaiting your first drop. Each box contains four to five products every month with a retail value of between £40 and £60, with you paying just a small fraction of the price in your subscription.

You can even sign up and give Toppbox’s grooming boxes as gifts too to that special man or men in your life. Taking all the hassle out of frantically finding a gift to gather dust the night before a birthday, anniversary or special occasion, Toppbox well and truly have you covered in that department too.

With some fantastic products inside, including the recent Henri Lloyd Sun Defence Cream, Christopher Courtney London Mineral Mud and Flint+Flint Exfoliator, you’re sure to be able to put your best face forward, each and every month, with their tantalizing and tailored selection of men’s products hand-picked especially for you.