This week guys, I’ve been asked to review Jack Black's Beard Lube. Now, I know the name could be easily misconstrued, as you probably wouldn’t but beard and lube in the same sentence normally, but when you think about what a pre shave product actually is, their lubricating function, suddenly makes this product’s name kinda cool. I haven’t used a tremendous amount of Jack Black Products in the past and as I tend to get slight irritation when I shave, especially when the weather gets cold, I thought I’d give it a go and let you guys know exactly what I think.

First off, the packaging is really bold, manly and just awesome. You can clearly feel its quality and the size of the Beard Lube’s container, I think, will make it a real hit at MaleSkin. The product itself acts as a beard oil, shaving cream and moisturizing treatment, so all in all, you get triple the action from one quickly to apply product, amen to that! When it is applied, it’s incredibly soothing on my skin and the scent it has is very memorable. Giving off a really refreshing scent of menthol, I fell instantly relaxed and my skin shows that too. No more angry red patches, irritation or pain with a shaving product that finally lives up to the hype.

Over a one week period, I used the Beard Lube 3 times to trim some longer lengths of facial hair and to shape up my beard, as I like a clean and distinct line. The fact that the formula is clear makes it very easy to see where you’re shaving, which is a massive bonus. I would say that, as it comes out as almost like a thick paste texture, rub it in between your hands quickly to generate a bit of heat, before applying. I found that I didn’t need to apply that much, making it excellent value for money.

Jack Black’s Beard Lube gave me a clean smooth shave with no pain whatsoever. My standard razor glided over my skin really nicely and didn’t tug or scrape, making this in my eyes, one of the best shaving products I’ve used to date. The product claims to improve razor glide, infuse the skin with natural moisture and break down the strength of hair follicles, resulting in a better shave and with my short experience so far, I’d say that it certainly will not fail to deliver this. I’m very pleased with the performance of this men’s grooming product and I know my followers will be too, it made my entire shave much more pleasurable and I know it will for you!

A little on the expensive side I know, but as it will last ages, very much worth it!