This week, I tried Jack Black’s Beard Oil for the first time and felt compelled to share my experiences with this grooming brand’s latest bathroom weapon. I’ve used quite a few products in the past year or so, since beginning my journey to learn how to master the finest facial forest of them all. Using beard oils and creams from the likes of Recipe For Men, Men Rock and my local Brighton Beard Company in the past, I’d like to think I’ve more than gone round the block a few times when it comes to beard care.

Built with powerful Kalahari Melon Oil and Vitamin E, Jack Black's Beard Oil is one that promises an abundance of moisture and hydration to the beard and I could not agree more. With just one or two drops rubbed thoroughly into my beard, I can feel my comfort levels rise, as dry and bristly facial hair immediately feels smooth and lubricated. On top of that, the smell of this men’s beard oil is incredibly fresh. I personally love the tangy refreshing scent it has and makes me feel like i’m getting the barber shop treatment each and every morning, in the comfort of my own home. Winner!

Containing superior conditioning properties, vitamins and vitally important antioxidants, Jack Black’s Beard Oil brings to an end the dry and flaky feel I used to get whilst mastering the art of beard grooming and on top of that, my beard looks beautifully healthy and refreshed. Does it do what it promises? An absolute 100%.

There’s a couple of ingredients that really stick out for me. Firstly Marula Oil guarantees a fast absorbing action into the skin, whilst Plum Oil is the main driver that softens dry and itchy facial hair and gives it a bonus conditioning shine. I particularly love how this beautiful beard oil contains so many antioxidants and protects my skin underneath, knowing that one day, if I do decide to trim the forest, I won’t be left counting the cost of sub-par skin care.

Jack Black’s Beard Oil has to be one of the finest beard products I have used over the past year or so and it would come with my highest of recommendations. If you’re thinking of upgrading your grooming routine, Jack Black put a firm peg in the ground of where to start.