Call me a skin care snob, or just a modern bloke paying extra attention to the way his face looks and feels. In my game, I’m fortunate enough to be offered the chance to review an amazing variety of men’s skin care products and you know what gents, I love it! For every great grooming product I try, there’s probably two or three terrible one’s, so when I sing the praises of a face, shaving, hair or body care product, you know I’m not talking out of my back side. As I’ve got to grips with exactly what types of products build a good quality grooming regiment, facial cleansers and toners are something that I’ve been increasingly drawn to. One product that stands out from most in this section is Jack Black’s Clean Boost Soothing Antioxidant Toner and this week I’ll be giving you my reasons why it’s become such a staple part of my routine, after just under a month’s daily use.

So, what is it? Jack Black Clean Boost Facial Toner is a lightweight and quick drying spray that is applied to the skin after showering and pat drying your face with a clean towel. Just like all of the products in the Jack Black range, this toner is carefully formulated from superior skin care ingredients, including arctic plant extracts, herbs and calming botanicals, to provide the face with a cleaned, firmed and toning appearance with its non-greasy power. Fragrance, colorant and alcohol free, Jack Black’s Clean Boost Toner drench the skin in refreshment and revitalization, allowing users like me, to put their best face forward.

I particularly love the antioxidant power of this face toner, as these powerful properties offer my skin the ultimate protection against the daily debris, pollutants, grime and grease that thrive deep within inadequately protected pores, leading to the skin’s ultimate downfall and onset of uneven skin tone, sagging, fatigue and even blemishes. Another great thing about this face toner is that when reviewing it, within a few days of use, my skin looked calmer and more balanced in tone, whilst it felt a lot more smoother. I’ve read a lot on how this product helps rid the skin of impurities, and one of the biggest improvements I’ve witnessed is the significant reduction in the number of blackheads on my nose. I know that poor cleansing standards result in the onset of blackheads and am happy to report that this product creates an active guard against them.

The bottle itself looks fantastic and masculine and with a really revitalizing scent to this product, the last thing I think when using it is that it may look feminine. I’ve got no problem whipping it out of my gym bag after a post workout shower and if I’m honest, can’t wait to feel the gentle spray hitting my face and cooling it down. I also read that it contains peptides that help neutralize bacteria to eliminate inflammation and I would definitely have to back that up, with my face looking a lot less puffy and stressed, especially after a long day in the office. Overall, it’s been an absolute pleasure to use this men’s skin care product and giving the Jack Black Clean Boost Face Toner a review has definitely been one of my easiest.

A few ingredients that I would pick out and well worth a mention are Rice Bran, Aloe Vera that have anti-inflammatory effects, along with antioxidants Green Tea, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel that promise to serve and protect. Honey Extract and Ginger Verbena keep the face looking fresh all day long, which makes it perfect for a busy young bloke who always seems to be on the go. A £20 bottle will last you about 3-4 months of daily use, so the value offered by Jack Black certainly stands strong too!