I won’t lie, it’s took me a long time to jump onto the Jack Black ‘brandwagon’. I’ve tried many, and I mean many products from American based skin care companies in my time, including the likes of Anthony Logistics and Menscience, with reasonable levels of success. What I find is that most brands seem to offer what is essentially the same collection of products, just named slightly differently. What turned me towards Jack Black skin care, besides their thousands of raving reviews, is that all 50 of their products, seem to offer something a little bit different, an opinion seemingly shared by thousands of their devoted clients.

Jack Black’s continued efforts to be a little unique leaves us on the doorstep of their brand new Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer , a powerful facial fuel that is enriched with Organic White Tea and Niacinamide. But, does it offer a long-lasting welcome, or would you be left out in the cold, feeling the pinch from a rare slip from this brand’s usually very high standards?

What really attracted me to this product initially was its design and size. You get a fair amount of product, 97ml to be exact and the bottle simply looks sleek and classy. Another big hit is the fact that this oil free moisturizer has been designed for all skin types. Most oil free moisturizer’s only target dry skin types, but this can be used regardless of your skin’s composition. Providing the skin with a great shine free finish, I can really see this being a huge success for Jack Black in the future and with its lightweight texture not bogging or weighing the skin down too, simple and effective refreshment can be achieved.

Furthermore, with the before mentioned Niacinamide improving skin tone and texture, this moisturizer will prove to be hugely popular with men who continually battle drying and uneven skin I believe. With a whole host of antioxidant protection too, if you’re a guy approaching or tailing 30, or a younger guy battling oily skin, it is well worth giving this excellent moisturizer a shot. The best anti-ageing skin care that you can follow is choosing products that contain antioxidants, before your skin starts to show the key signs of ageing, for this, Jack Black’s Clean Break certainly ticks that box.

I don’t particularly like the ‘PureScience’ tagline though, It doesn’t add anything to the product and us blokes just want simple and effective skin care, so I’m not going to bang on about the thousands of ways ‘PureScience’ could be interpreted but on the whole, this product is an absolute stunner. There’s nothing worse than dosing my skin with a fragrance heavy moisturizer and Jack Black have avoided this really well with this organic spectacular. It is cruelty free and doesn’t contain colorants or parabens that are in fact very damaging to the skin in the long run.

To summarize: Jack Black have done it again with their Clean Break Oil Free Moisturiser and reviewing this has been an absolute pleasure over the past couple of weeks. I really like that is smells nice and fresh, sinks in quickly to my skin and doesn’t leave my face greasy or shiny. You also don’t need to apply too much, making it, on the whole, excellent value for money. I would highly recommend this to guys out there wishing to combat shine or simply enjoy a twice daily blast of energy and hydration in the bathroom or beyond. Well worth picking one up!