About three weeks ago, my skin was in a right mess. My nose was covered in blackheads, I counted 16 different spots and marks on my face and it just felt awful. I always put maximum effort into my male grooming routine and whilst reviewing another skin care range for the two week previous, my skin just kept getting worse and worse. After eventually biting the bullet and scrapping those disasters, which will remain nameless, off completely, I needed to revert back to a brand that I had enjoyed great success with in the past, in order to get my skin back on track. That lead me to Jack Black. I’d used the occasional Jack Black product in the past and done a couple of reviews, but judging on the condition of my skin, I clearly had to go the extra mile if I wanted it to recover before a wedding last weekend. To help me out, I deployed the power of Jack Black's Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser and I’m very excited to give it my review today and share my experiences so far.

The first thing I would say about this men’s face cleanser is that it serves two primary functions. Firstly, it can be used as a post wash straight up cleanser that can be swiped around the face with your fingertips, or a cotton wool pad, before being thoroughly rinsed off with the assistance of a corresponding facial toner. Secondly, the Deep Dive cleanser can be applied directly to slightly damp skin, before allowing it to dry for about 20 minutes, effectively using this cleanser as a deeply cleaning and purifying men’s face mask.

So, what does the Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser have to offer? It’s a multifunctional cleanser that assists in washing away dead skin cells, dirt and grime from the skin to intensely de-clog pores, unblock the skin and allow your skin to breathe. Suitable for every skin type, including my combination skin type, Deep Dive promises to leave the skin clean, smooth and firm. I know a lot of guys are also going to appreciate that this formula is totally fragrance, alcohol and paraben free, guaranteeing that it doesn’t end up unnecessarily drying out the skin.

Within two week of twice daily use, my skin had pretty much got back to normal. I experienced no more break outs, with the spots on my face quickly turning to blemishes, before eventually disappearing. The evening before the wedding last weekend I had just two blemishes left on my skin, a dry patch on my chin and just one spot above my left eyebrow that could be easily covered up with a spot of concealer. The texture and tone of my face improved massively too with it looking incredibly hydrated and healthy. I simply introduced Jack Black’s Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser into a simple 3-step grooming routine that also included Jack Black’s Face Buff Energizing Scrub and Double Duty Moisturiser. All three worked in tandem to fully rejuvenate my skin and give me back my confidence.

When using the Deep Dive, it’s an absolute pleasure to apply to my face. I can almost feel the stripping away of dirt and toxins from my skin and after my skin has been pat dried with a towel, it quite literally is squeaky clean. It doesn’t hurt my eyes and is applied in a nice thickness around my face. I like that it doesn’t take long to sink into my skin and its cleaning power has been highlighted by the pretty much instant disappearance of my nose’s blackheads.

The product itself looks fantastic! It’s bold, it’s masculine and It’s clear to see that it would proudly sit pride of place in any man’s bathroom cabinet. Products like this for Jack Black do all the hard work and more importantly, show guys like me that it’s okay to remain well-groomed. A few years ago, the idea of a man cleansing and toning may have been frowned upon, however nowadays, I’m glad to announce that every guy in my boat is no longer living in the dark ages.