I first encountered Jack Black's Double Duty Face Moisturiser whilst having a facial at my favourite male grooming spa down in Brighton. I was undergoing a specialist treatment by skin care specialist Peter Joannou, when at the very end, he applied a few drops of this moisturiser around my face and began to gently massage it into my skin. I distinctly remember the smell of the product being amazing and completely different to any other moisturiser I’d used previously.

Fast-forward three years and about 18 bottles later, it’s safe to say that I am well and truly hooked on it. I think the term ‘my go to moisturiser’ is used way too much when people review skin care products, but out of the thousands of products I’ve tried over the years - this is the one that I’ve used the most by a country mile!

I love that it’s lightweight! For most guys, the idea of applying a good quality moisturiser is something that they’re really only just getting their heads around and I cringe at the thought of them applying a heavy and thick off the shelf moisturiser, most probably brought by their wives or girlfriends. Shopping for skin care and grooming products is now becoming an indulgent experience rather than a chore and if you’re compiling a list of potential bathroom acquisitions - Jack Black’s Double Duty simply has to come at the top of it. It’s lightweight and emollient texture provides long lasting hydration and three years on, it’s continuing to keep my skin in the very best shape.

As I’m now 30 and starting to get on a bit, one thing that I’m more aware of and that I’ve continuously seen raised within the realms of male grooming, is the importance of SPF in your skin care products. Harmful UVA and UVB rays cause the skin to not only burn painfully, but to age prematurely too. That’s why Jack Black have included broad spectrum SPF20 into this formula, making it even more of a win for me as I no longer have to find a sunblock that doesn’t turn my face into a white/oily mess. Result!

There’s a few ingredients in Jack Black’s Double Duty Face Moisturiser that really stand out for me: Blue Algae Extract, which improves skin suppleness and reduces inflammation being the holy grail component in this godsend. Vitamins A and E are also present, which most of us know have huge antioxidant power and support your skin’s natural defences against environmental pollutants.

Jack Black’s Double Duty always leaves my skin comfortable and well-nourished. I really like that it sinks in quickly, without leaving a trace of any unpleasant or visible residue on my face. Some moisturiser’s I’ve found need to be applied more than once a day to keep my skin soft and subtle, however, with Double Duty, one morning application does the trick. My skin is always left soft and smooth and in the past three years, I can’t remember a time where my skin has had a nasty breakout of blemishes or spots.

My final, slightly trivial points are simply that it looks great in my bathroom, as the design of the bottle is unarguably quite striking. The price comes in at a very reasonable £25 for 97ml and there’s also a larger option available too, giving 297ml for £47. My only slight moan about this product is that it doesn’t come in a travel size tube, because I can’t take it with me when I go away with just hand luggage.

To apply, simple put three or four pumps in the palm of one hand, before rubbing your hands together for a few seconds and applying it directly to your face - gently massaging it in for about thirty seconds.