From their beautiful branding to the high performance of seemingly every product i’ve tried from their range, Jack Black Skin Care is undoubtedly on my list of the best men’s grooming brands currently on the market. With a new year on the horizon and my skin starting to show the signs of one or two extra late nights over the festive season, on New Years Eve, I decided to give Jack Black’s Eye Balm De-Puffing and Cooing Gel a go, to see if it could kick start my 2018 male grooming goals.

This men’s eye product is a follow on from Jack Black’s Minimizing Eye Gel, which was discontinued last year. In my opinion, it’s an absolute enhancement as it now features a stainless steel rollerball, which is becoming very common amongst other eye creams and gels within this category - not to mention the cooling and refreshing feeling’s that this type of applicator gives.

When I received this eye product, I was pleased to discover that it features the same growingly iconic Jack Black blue and black branding. For a price of around £28 for sixteen gram’s - you’re going to get a fair amount of bang for your buck with this product, especially as the rollerball means that minimal excess product is wasted during each application.

After reviewing the ingredients list, it was clear to see that Jack Black have held nothing back in maintaining the skin care supremacy of the latest to addition to their line. A blend of hydrating ingredients combine wonderfully with soothing botanical extracts and vitamins in a concoction or pure class.

I’ve been using this eye gel twice daily now for over a week and I can already see my eye contours rejuvenating and energizing by the day. My eyes look so much more fresh and those fine lines around the outer surface of my eye contour are looking much more soft. i’d normally have to dab on a little concealer to get brighter looking eyes but this gel does the trick without that need, which is great.

I particularly love how this men’s eye gel absorbs quickly and it isn’t sticky in the slightest, like other eye creams i’ve used in the past. It’s application is quick and convenient - ideal if i’m applying at the gym after a workout and shower. The cooling sensation also is great if, like me, you decide to keep this product refrigerated overnight.