Two weeks into being a dad for the first time and it’s safe to say that i’m finding the intense lack of sleep a real struggle. As a guy used to my eight hours minimum sleep each night, all of these 2 a.m spontaneous wake up screams aren’t going down as well as I’d hoped. Unfortunately, like most gents out there, when I suffer from a lack of sleep, my skin often takes a hit and most notably my eye area.

Step forward Jack Black's Protein Booster Eye Rescue. I’ve had my eye on this product for a couple of years now and have waited for the perfect time to review it. So, with my eyes in tatters about a week or so ago and dark circles and bags fully rife, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to really put it through its paces.

The look and style of Jack Black’s Eye Rescue is very pleasing. I like that it’s dispensed from a squeeze style tube and the blue and black packaging certainly struck a masculine chord with me. For around the £30 mark, you’re going to get half an ounce of product, which is enough to last approximately 3-4 months with twice daily use.

So, what do yu get for your money? First off, the formula is enriched with antioxidants and organic omega 3 - two very important components for the protection and vitality of healthy looking skin. These ingredients are especially prudent given the delicate thinness of the skin under the eye. Secondly, it contains peptides! Now, i’m not sure if you’re aware but these are like gold dust when we’re talking about anti-ageing, so if you’re a bloke trying to roll back the years, Eye Rescue is definitely going to be appealing. Lastly, featuring amino acids, which are essentially the building blocks of protein, this Eye Rescue Formula is a gem for gents suffering with fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes.

It all sounds rather good doesn’t it? But, how did I get on with Jack Black’s Protein Booster Eye Rescue?

It’s official -i’m hooked! I’ve been using this men’s eye cream now for about eight or nine days and the difference it has made to my eyes is quite astonishing. From dark circles and bulbous eye bags, my eyes have transformed back to their original state, despite being able to only clock up about five hours sleep each night (if i’m lucky). The formula has a lovely texture to it when applied and it instantly cools my eye contours. That rough fatigued look I had before has all but disappeared and I have this product to thank for that!

As far as eye treatments go, I’d have to put it at the top of the tree alongside other premium products like Polaar’s Icy Magic and MMUK MAN’s Active Eye Cream. It’s abilities to instantly shrink bags, de-puff and brighten my eyes combine to make this one of my new bathroom blockbuster’s. What makes this a great all rounder is that it’s perfect for guys of any skin type or age. Jack Black have created a formula to be targeted to the mass market and its success has been achieved with consummate ease.

If you’re a guy suffering from regular lack of sleep, stress or even hereditary dark circles and eye fatigue, it’s definitely worth taking a punt on Jack Black - it might just prove to be your best ever male grooming move!