For the past few weeks I’ve been using the Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser by Jack Black. Normally when I try new products I make very calculated decisions on what products to try and at what time of year I try them. I don’t mean that to sound in any way pedantic, it just takes a lot for me to switch up and change products - particularly if I’m happy with the products I’m currently using.

I started using this men’s facial cleanser out of pure luck really, having borrowed some from a friend whilst we were all away together at the beginning of January. I’d ran out of my Clinique face wash and was in need of something quick to sort out my skin.

My first impressions of the Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser were that it was very creamy and light upon application and although it foamed slightly, it wasn’t too much to put me off. I think because it gently foams, it will be suitable for all skin types. Having looked at the ingredients list beforehand, it was a pleasant surprise to see a string of organically certified components built within the formula.

The next thing I remembered was the great smell that the product possessed, without being in the slightest too strong or heavily fragranced. There’s nothing worse that using a face wash or cleanser and you can smell the chemicals that’s in them and it’s even worse knowing the harmful effects that they’ll no doubt be having on my skin.

Once I got home after a weekend away with the boys, I acquired my own bottle of this cleanser and have been using it every day now for about three weeks! I love how you don’t need much at all to get the desired effect and it’s definitely helped keep my skin’s redness at bay - along with my new favourite moisturiser I reviewed last week - the House 99 Greater Look Face Moisturiser.

To use it, I wash my face with warm water, which helps open up my skin’s pores, as well as thoroughly wet my hands. I apply a good sized dollop, before rubbing it together between my palms and applying directly to my face. I tend to concentrate on my nose when using this product as just lately, I’ve had a few blackheads and even the occasional pimple arise. Since using Jack Black’s Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser, I have had just the one spot crop up on my face and my blackheads have pretty much vanished. My skin feels cleaner and fresher and looks so much brighter and clearer.

Would I recommend this to my friends and mates? Absolutely, without hesitation. I’ve used many other Jack Black Skin Care products in the past, including their Double Duty Moisturiser, Mint Lip Balm and Eye Rescue and I’ve always been very impressed with their quality and high levels of performance. Yet again, Jack Black have delivered a captivating product right to the heart of my male grooming routine, which I won’t be turning my back on any time soon.