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For many a year now L'Oreal Men Expert has undoubtedly been at the top of the budget skin care for men tree. Offering over thirty affordable, practical and great performing products, the range has slid its way onto millions of men's bathroom shelves. Whether it's a sensitive shave balm, intense moisturiser or their luxury men’s eye roll-on, you're never too far from seeing Hugh Laurie or Mr Butler's face plastered over your screens during half time.


Ranging between £8 and £16.00 typically, L'Oreal Men Expert seek to bridge the gap between high performance and affordability, whilst seriously experimenting with new formulation and patented delivery systems to really get the best out of your skin. If that wasn't enough, the eye catching slogans, masculine tag-lines and celebrity marketed essence of the brand makes it a huge favourite for men looking for good quality skincare.


In MaleSkin's latest male beauty blog and coinciding with L'Oreal Men Expert's launch at MaleSkin.co.uk allow us to tease your skin care pallet by picking out the best bits the brand has to offer. No awkward adverts, no bias opinions, just the plain and simple facts behind some of the products showcased in this hugely popular male skin care brand.


L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturiser

L'Oreal Men Expert MoisturiserPerhaps the most iconic product across the entire skincare for men range, L'Oreal's active and recharging moisturiser seeks to help men get a good grip of skin care by mastering the basics and understanding the benefits of a quality morning dose of hydration. Needless to say gents - it effortlessly succeeds! A powerful skin moisturiser that combats fatigue, L'Oreal Men Expert provide the back up to the brawn to help fight daily fatigue, sagging skin and even rough looking complexions. Offering a masculine scent, this 'power-cream' intensely rejuvenates the skin whilst firming the skin's structure for a healthier and fresher finish. Retailing in the £12.00 region across most men's skin care stores, now's the time to add a little spice to your grooming routine!


L'Oreal Men Expert Extreme Black Charcoal Face Wash

Since this products eye catching advert launch in mid 2013, this recharging and deeply cleaning face wash for men has shot to fame. Designed to attract all manner of facial impurities, including toxins, grime, excess oil and grease, this complete cleanup crew of a product gives a fresher and clearer complexion, whilst deeply interrogating clogged and blocked pores. Very popular amongst younger gentlemen, who perhaps don't have the cash to splash out on an expensive face scrub, this perfect mid-way product offers all the same benefits without the hair raising price tag. Charcoal acts as a magnet to dirt and debris to thoroughly clean skin and reveal fresher, refined and a less shiny complexion.


L'Oreal Men Expert VitaLift 5 Moisturiser

You will see the phrases anti-wrinkle and anti-fatigue brandished around the men's skin care market a lot! Where in reality, little brands do little to justify these latest buzz phrases. It is with great privilege to confirm that L'Oreal Men have the brains to back up the bold statements, especially so in their VitaLift 5 Moisturiser For Men. L’Oreal Men Expert have highlighted the five key areas which contribute most to men's premature aging skin and have developed a formula to start rolling back the clock. Fine Lines, sagging, fatigue, rough skin and wrinkles are all banished with regular use of this luxury moisturiser, helping you reveal a younger, fresher and more vibrant you. Costing slightly higher than the norm,, but relatively cheap compared to other men's anti-aging treatments, this product certainly deserves to be up there with the best in the range.


L'Oreal Men Expert Aftershave BalmL'Oreal Men Expert Sensitive Aftershave Balm

Here's one for the regular grooming gentlemen and also the sensitive kind of guy! We're not talking the abundance of RomCom's stacked up in your DVD collection, today gents, we're talking strictly skin! L'Oreal Men Expert have developed a luxury sensitive skin post shave balm which has been designed to alleviate all manner of post shave related skin traumas for the befit of one person...you! Expertly ridding your skin of post shave heat, irritation and soreness, this deep infusion moisturising balm restores your skin's natural structure so you can just get on with your day. Minimise the effects of tough razor glide, rough skin and stubble with this deeply hydrating and incredibly soothing formula. The perfect post shave 'tonic' re-balance your skin's optimal oil level after the rigors of shaving with one of the most valued male grooming brands around.


L'Oreal Men Expert Double Action Eye Care

When bulging bags begin to bolt or wrinkles start to play havoc with your eyes appearance, take fast action with the VitaLift power of L'Oreal and their targeted eye care treatment for men. Formed to rejuvenate the entire eye contour with a powerful double action gel, get firm, take control and begin to wrestle your grooming blighters. This invigorating gel is applied directly under the eye and is designed to give them instant refreshment with a lifting and firming boost. Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles and fatigue, which quite frankly may look as though you've had a skin full the night before. Apply quickly and easily for a complete U-turn in the grooming department. Perfect also, if you have had one too many and you don't want your cover to be blow.


L'Oreal Men Expert officially goes on sale on Friday 29th November, just in time for Christmas! With the average spend on L'Oreal around £36.00, treat yourself to two or three products to get your skin care back on track without breaking the bank. Looking for something different? Check out MaleSkin's Shop by skin problem page and see just how L'Oreal Men Expert can provide the solution to your grooming grief.